New Year – New Body

New Year – New Body

Posted 5 Jan '17

With the coming new year, comes new year resolutions. Most adults have “losing weight” on the top of their list, but sadly, are not able to actually achieve it. Weight gain has many factors affecting it and many of us are certain to face this challenge at some point.

In order to fully conquer our challenges with a health weight, we must understand why and how it happens. Weight gain is not just a symptom, but a health condition. And being a health condition, it must be carefully assessed to establish what the real root causes are contributing to weight gain. Furthermore, weight gain could lead to obesity, and obesity leads to increased risk of chronic diseases such as cancer that are most often fatal.

In order to lose weight, and attain optimal health, consulting with a licensed Naturopath is highly recommended.

Here some food for thought when trying to lose weight effectively:

  1. Some factors contributing to weight gain include both prolonged or recurring stress, poor blood sugar regulation and hormone imbalance, reduced metabolism brought about by decreased thyroid function, poor digestion, and toxicity. Frequent infections, and pain may also slow down fat loss because of inflammation’s presence.
    No two human beings are exactly identical especially when it comes to organ and gland functions, body chemistry, and metabolism. A registered naturopath can find out what causes your body to store fat and which areas to target. A plan that is tailored specifically for you.
  2. It is best to follow a diet plan that is rich in nutrients and easy to follow. This will also be based on your own health condition.
  3. A registered naturopath can also guide you on which physical activities will suit you best. These types of activities are best in alleviating stress symptoms.
  4. The practitioner will guide you throughout the program, and monitor your progress through different tests.

Achieving a healthy weight, and maintaining it, plays a crucial role in your personal health, no only for your own benefit, but also for your loved ones.

And with the coming new year, you may want to start fresh and begin a journey that will have a lasting effect on you. It’s never too late!

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