Iodine Myths for Thyroid Health

Most of us are afraid of something causing harm to us like having too much salt or iodine. We may have been regarding it to be harmful, and consequently, should be avoided. Iodised salt, in particular. There are two myths on iodine that have been going around that is causing all these panic. Myth #1: You can get sufficient iodine from iodised salt This is a common notion among most endocrinologists and GPs. Salt that has been iodised has been regarded as the first health miracle. It is, however, [...]

Thyroid – The Master of Metabolism

The thyroid is the gland that is shaped like a butterfly in front of the neck. It secretes two hormones that are responsible for the metabolic processes for the whole body -- the thyroxine (T4) and the triiodothyronine (T3). The heart, lungs, digestion, and cells are all commanded by the thyroid to do their job well. A tiny gland for such a huge role could easily get thrown out of balance, affected by numerous factors, and consequently, causing chaos to overall health. Thyroid conditions: There [...]

Magnesium – A Core Essential for Everyone

The pressures of modern living may be inescapable, but it's not the end of the world. There are things that can be done to overcome these stressors and be able to cope. Common stressors could be pressures at work or in school, troubles with relationships, financial burdens. Add to those the constant exposure to toxins, processed and fast foods, and even digital gadgets. Magnesium's Role Be warned that when these stressors become a constant in daily living, the body's wellbeing drops significantl [...]

The Best Diet for Hashimoto’s

The Basics To Helping Hashimoto's Living with Hashimoto's can especially be challenging, most especially when it comes to food options. Anyone who has had to stick to a certain diet due to a health condition or just trying to be healthier, can say that it can get really expensive. Organic produce and grass-fed meat usually cost more than those that have been raised and packaged commercially, or those that have been processed. But, What is the best diet for Hashimotos? Well, here are the basics. [...]

Effective Tools for Weight Loss Success

Trying to lose weight properly and effectively needs planning and tracking. No matter what health challenges you have, keeping a healthy weight is absolute key to them all. Could you do with losing a few kilograms to improve your health and wellness? Where to start? How about setting a goal to help show you where you want to be in order to stay inspired and help stick to healthy habits. Tracking as Motivator When you record and track your weight loss as you progress, you will be able to either s [...]

Microbiome Health to Strengthen Immunity

When the gut microbiome is imbalanced, you may feel digestive issues such as bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea, to name a few. These microbiomes are composed of trillions of microorganisms like bacteria and yeasts, and they live within the digestive tract, or the guts. They support the immune system, and regulates the digestive, and bowel functions. To stay in tip top shape, the microbiome's balance must be restored. Key Probiotics for Better Immunity Taking probiotics have a huge and positi [...]