Oestrogen and Functional Testing

Out of all the hormones, most of us have heard of Oestrogen (US spelling estrogen). Today I will shed a little light on the different types of Oestrogen. Our bodies make three different forms oestrogens: Oestrone (E1) Oestradiol (E2) Oestriol (E3) Oestrone (E1) is usually considered an “unhealthy” oestrogen.  It is still bio-identical, but you do not want an excess of oestrone around when you are attempting to balance the delicate balance of women’s hormones. Oestrone is common in young girls wh [...]

Rethinking our Health Model – Germ Vs Terrain Theory

If you take a stroll down the cleaning isle in the supermarket, you’ll notice the products are all about killing and sterilising. As a collective society, our mission is to eradicate things and have a mindset to start a war on germs. The western world has largely adopted the germ theory which was first popularised by Louis Pasteur (1822 – 1895). He was the father of pasteurisation which you are most likely familiarised with things like pasteurised milk or sterilisation of surfaces. The Germ Theo [...]

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Covid-19: What Is It And How To Avoid Infection

The Covid-19 threat that you see and hear all over global news seems scary. At this time of writing, 600 dead among 31,000 recorded cases. Quarantine facilities sprouting to accommodate the increasing number of PUI's, or person under investigation. As of February 7th 2020, there are 15 confirmed Covid-19 Acute Respiratory Disease cases in Australia, 5 being in Queensland, 4 in NSW, 4 in Victoria, and 2 in South Australia. The media and public health authorities are spreading panic all over, maki [...]

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ABC News Says “Calcium and Vitamin D Not Needed” – What is the scientific truth?

On November 29th 2019, ABC News featured in an article entitled "Calcium and Vitamin D Supplements Not Necessary for Healthy Adults" a recent review that was published in the Medical Journal of Australia. The paper is entitled "Controversies in Medicine: The Role of Calcium and Vitamin D Supplements in Adults". Unfortunately, The ABC News article provided misleading information which emphasised two points: A new study which found vitamins to have little value for individuals who are not vitamin [...]

Identifying the Causes of Inflammation

Two of the most common complaints that patients approach doctors for are pain and inflammation. When pain and inflammation won't go away, it starts impacting the patient's quality of life. Consequently, patients can become quite desperate for immediate relief and adding a natural approach can magnify positive outcomes. In natural medicine, the holistic approach would be to provide symptomatic relief while addressing the root cause. A great functional medicine practitioner will be able to pinpoin [...]

Soil Probiotics: Is It Safe?

The use of probiotics has gained popularity over the last few years, for its benefits to the body's immune health. Probiotics help balance the microbiome within the guts and an imbalance of which would cause several digestive discomforts. There are however probiotics being taken right from the soil. These soil-based organisms may belong to the same category as those that are found within digestive tracts in humans, but these are just not the same type. Simply put, they are found in soil, and not [...]