5 Signs You Have a Fungal Overload

Are you aware that within our gastrointestinal tract lives millions of microorganisms -- bacteria, fungus, and even parasites. Some are beneficial to human health, having different roles to play in the digestive system and absorption of nutrients, helping the immune system. These are those probiotics you have heard about which contain "friendly bacteria". When there is an imbalance in the microbiome environment, it could lead to fungal overload, which could break down the digestive tract's walls [...]

Boosting Testosterone Naturally

The normal testosterone levels in male peaks between the ages of 20 and 30, afterwhich, it starts to decline. In order to maintain good overall health in men, the testosterone levels must be optimal, and low levels of the said hormone has become a prominent health issue. During puberty, male characteristics begin to develop through testosterone -- deep voice, muscle mass increase, body hair, and more. It is also linked to sex drive, strength, aggressiveness, and confidence. Healthy testosterone [...]

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Reflux Not Always Too Much Acid

The requirement for nutrients of the human body is constant from conception, through adult life. Sadly, its ability to digest and absorb these vital nutrients properly declines as we age. The most common cause is the reduced hydrochloric acid, or HCl, in the stomach. It is the gastric secretion that is responsible for breaking down proteins, activating hormones and enzymes, shielding against bacteria overpopulation in the gut. The most common types are achlorhydria which is when there is no stom [...]

Iron Essentials

When you don't have enough iron in your body, the oxygen that is being delivered to your cells to create energy is insufficient either, causing you to feel exhausted and rundown. This can happen whether you are not getting enough iron, or you are not able to absorb it properly. Not only does it lead to low energy levels and fatigue, but also other symptoms. Low Iron Levels Signs Dizziness Frequent colds and/or flu Headaches Pale skin on the inside of your lower eyelids Allergies Restless legs Dr [...]

Could Mould be the Cause of Your Sickness?

Do you find yourself feeling tired all the time that it seems impossible to make it through your daily routine, and just wished the day would end already? Accompanied by headaches, nausea, vomiting, finding it hard to breathe, and even diarrhea throughout the day. All these, for no apparent reason. You've gone to different doctors, through numerous tests, all turning out negative for any known illness. They may say you're fine because you don't look sick, but you just know that you are. Worse, t [...]

Supporting Detoxing To Remove Pesticide Buildup

Do you use cleaning products, pesticides and other chemicals around the house? Even if you use a few, there is a chance you are putting your health at risk. Many have not been researched thoroughly for their safety and some older chemicals are only now being found to have a negative effect on our health. It has been found out that exposure to pesticide methoxychlor of ancestors may contribute to kidney and ovarian disease, as well as obesity, in adults of future generations. Introduced in 1948, [...]