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Bring Back Your Energy

Feeling tired more often than you are energised? Has fatigue been sneaking up on you? Sounds like you may have persistent fatigue – and this could seriously affect your everyday life! Persistent fatigue cannot be shown through diagnostic procedures so it is often misunderstood. While decreasing energy levels is common, being “too tired” all the time SHOULD NOT be your “normal”. Why are you so tired? In short, for optimal energy, your body needs nutrients. A steady stream of nutrients allows maxi [...]

Zinc – A Key Essential Trace Element

Did you know that Zinc is one of the essential nutrients that your body needs, and that whether you have enough Zinc in your body or not has a huge effect on your overall health? An adult's body has about 2 to 3 grams of Zinc, mostly found in the cells. However, many people have a zinc deficiency which contributes to multiple deficits ranging from mood disorders to digestive disorders. Causes of zinc deficiencies could be the result of poor diet (particularly one that is high in sugar), too much [...]

Stress Strategies Naturally

There is not one single person who hasn't experienced stress. The little stresses are what makes our bodies stronger, and more capable of responding to stressful situations. However, if the body is in constant stress, and is unable to recover, it could greatly affect your energy levels. Chronic stress an lead to fatigue. Here's what you can do to keep yourself above stress: Exercise. Exercise releases endorphines, which is the happiness hormone. It may help improve not only the external physical [...]

Magnesium – What form is the best?

Magnesium is one of the minerals most commonly prescribed by naturopaths. Thus, choosing the right form and right dose is hugely important to gain maximum benefit in the shortest time. Often patients ask, "What form of Magnesium is best?" Well in short, there are many forms, but a combination is best. With the various methodological differences in Magnesium bio-availability research, Magnesium Citrate and malic acid appear to be two of the most bioavailable. The solubility of any Magnesium salt [...]

Mercury Toxicity and Health

Did you know that Mercury is 1000 times more toxic than lead? Mercury is the most toxic, non-radioactive heavy metal that exists on earth, and yet for centuries we have been using this poisonous substance to repair our teeth! The two primary sources of mercury exposure are dental amalgams (mercury-based fillings) and seafood consumption, followed by thimerosal-containing vaccines and mercury pollution from coal-burning power plants. Silver amalgams typically comprise 50% mercury. The safety of u [...]

Destroying Anxiety and Bringing Back Calm

Everyone experiences anxiety from time to time, it’s a natural response to stress! To most people, it could even be a motivator to push you to finish assignments and projects, but some people have it worse. Anxiety stirs up uncomfortable feelings when faced with even the simplest of everyday situations and is frustrating when it dominates day-to-day activities. It gets to the best of people, and it’s a feeling that should not be ignored, it may be the first sign to excessive psychological anxiet [...]