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Is Your Sluggish Thyroid Making You Sick?

The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped organ located in the base of your neck. It releases hormones that control metabolism—the way your body uses energy. It produces the master metabolism hormones that control every function in your body. Thyroid hormones interact with all your other hormones including insulin, cortisol, and sex hormones like estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Considering how vital thyroid hormones it makes sense that hypothyroidism can be associated with widespread symp [...]

Meet your body demands with essential Nutrients

Does your Body Need Extra Nutrients? Mineral deficiency is very common in Australians and New Zealanders, which is surprising isn't it? One reason is because of deficient soils of crops and heavily processed foods. Feel like you have low energy levels, getting stressed out or are you catching a cold too often? That could mean your body needs more vitamins and mineral intake for better functioning.  If the nutrient status gets low on a biochemical level in every cell, you will experience a declin [...]

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Ready to Start a Family?

Preconception Fertility Care- When and Where to Begin? Are you and your partner making plans to have a baby? It is essential that you have all the nutrients to conceive and most importantly you have enough nutrients to nourish the growing fetus and deliver a healthy baby. A preconception period is an important and should being 3-4 months before conceiving allowing both parents to achieve optimal health. Comprehensive preconception and pregnancy care involves both parents adopting a healthy diet [...]

IBS and gastrointestinal fungus like Candida

Candida albicans is normally a harmless yeast present in the gastrointestinal tract of humans. The digestive tract of an average adult contains over 500 different strains of bacteria and fungus living in harmony. Although candida and fungal overgrowth in the digestive tract gives rise to the following symptoms: Vaginal yeast infections lethargy and fatigue Chronic diarrhea constipation stomach bloating and flatulence Rectal itching Skin eruptions or patches like vitiligo A strong and healthy imm [...]

New Year – New Body

With the coming new year, comes new year resolutions. Most adults have “losing weight” on the top of their list, but sadly, are not able to actually achieve it. Weight gain has many factors affecting it and many of us are certain to face this challenge at some point. In order to fully conquer our challenges with a health weight, we must understand why and how it happens. Weight gain is not just a symptom, but a health condition. And being a health condition, it must be carefully assessed to esta [...]

Overcoming Depression and Low Mood

What not many people realise is that mental health disorders are fairly common. Most cases go undiagnosed by a professional. Depression is most likely to hit anyone, whether mild, or extreme. If you find yourself feeling blue for a prolonged period, you are not alone. Lots of different factors contribute to how you have been feeling. It could be due to stress, or poor health, recent loss or trauma, or any sudden changes in your life. It could be more than one of these factors but it all goes dow [...]