A Naturopath's Life : From Dawn till Dusk Routine

A Naturopath's Life : From Dawn till Dusk Routine

Posted 30 Jul '23

Ideally a morning is full of mindfulness and preparedness for the day ahead.
This is the best start for me and I would recommend this to everyone reading this. 

As the first rays of the sun grace the horizon, a naturopath starts the day ideally by nurturing my own well-being with a gentle walk around the vegetable garden looking to see how much was devoured by the snails or slaters during the night. (It's always essential to plant more than needed to be sure there is at least some to eat for the family!)

Mindfulness and meditation lay the foundation for mental clarity, followed by a nourishing breakfast packed with whole foods and herbal infusions. This is the ideal plan, but honestly many mornings draw me into checking emails or electronic calendars to check on the daily tasks ahead.

In The Clinic

The first patient for the day has autoimmunity and is suffering from digestive problems. Bloating, gas, fatigue and constantly getting sick. We go over the malabsorption issues with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and naturopathic holistic approaches to managing this condition.

Next on the schedule is a woman is struggling with infertility and hoping to conceive after already having unsuccessful egg harvesting and fertility treatment at an IVF clinic. We look at her diet, current hormone cycle symptoms and order some functional medicine testing to check on hormones in more depth to go over at the next appointment.

Lunch break starts and time is taken to debrief and recentre for the afternoon patients. A naturopath lunch today is a homemade, gluten-free pasta salad with tuna, home-grown lettuce and various roasted vegetables.

The afternoon consulting starts with a gentleman who has been suffering from a whole array of symptoms including reflux, sinus congestion, high cholesterol, insomnia, depression and obesity. Such complex cases starts with identifying the most urgent symptoms to start helping and in this case, the patient wishes to have less reflux and sleep better. 
Next on the schedule is a teenager with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and anxiety which is not being managed well with her current treatment plan. We discuss the most helpful functional medicine tests such as the pyrrole disorder protocol or Pfeiffer protocol tests to establish if there is a histamine link and nutritional component which is worsening symptoms.
Lastly the day ends with a middle aged woman who is struggling with constant digestive bloating. She has already tried the FODMAPS diet and various herbal preparations but nothing has helped her to date. We discuss the microbiome factors, diet factors and prepare a personalised herbal liquid preparation to start right away.

If you are looking for help with your health and wellness and think that a naturopath or functional medicine testing may help you, get in touch or make an appointment now.


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