Holistic Health

Functional Medicine and Holistic Care

Holistic health uses the combination of natural therapies such as functional medicine, herbal medicine, nutrition and lifestyle modifications to balance your body and restore health.

It describes non-invasive natural medicines which are integrated in a tailor made session specific to your wellness needs.

Disease or ill health arises as a result of imbalance, either from within the human body or because of some external force in the environment such as chemicals or heavy metals.  At Cura Natural Medicine Clinic we offer consultations where we first assess your system and discuss a multimodality natural treatment plan to help your body regain its natural equilibrium.

The follow modalities are the core areas of natural therapies –

  • Herbal Medicine: A treatment that combine traditional herbalism with modern clinical evidence-based herbal medicine
  • Naturopathy: A combination of these and other natural therapies for more wide covering treatment that tailors the patients individual situation – Read more
  • Nutrition: The building blocks of trace minerals, macro nutrients and vitamins which are used for the biochemistry of the body processes – Read more
  • Lifestyle and Dietary advice: Treatment involving dietary modifications to improve immunity, digestion and internal terrain  to create a general well-being.

For further information or to connect with a holistic health clinic –  contact the Cura clinic

What is Functional Medicine?

A quick summary with Shannon explaining what functional medicine is with the 60 Seconds to Cura videos.

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