60 Seconds To Cura

Mould CIRS Illness

Sick building syndrome describes patients who are sick because of their house. Often this is from mould and Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS)

Respiratory Tract Infections

 Chest infections, COPD and upper respiratory tract infections discussed by Shannon and the most helpful steps to improve it naturally

Blood Testing vs Hair Mineral Testing

What is the difference between testing the hair for minerals and doing a blood test? I explain the basics

Naturopath and Functional Medicine

 A little overview of the Cura Naturopath Clinic in Perth

Sugar Tax discussions on MSM Television

Sugar tax request in MSM from Shannon at the Cura Naturopath clinic

Stool Testing For Parasites

Stool testing for parasites and Shannon discussing US stool tests back in 2012

Covid-19 and Respiratory Health

 At the time of publication, this is all we know. The virus may be stronger than previous yearly flus, but it could also be mild and overstated. Either way, keeping your immune system strong and able is paramount. Here are the essentials to remember.

Microbiome Functional Testing

 How is your digestive health? Do you think you have a parasite or other gut infection?

The microbiome stool test can easily identify the health of your digestion and it could even show you the connection to your chronic health condition.

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