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OCD Recovery

OCD and OCPD are different along with the many variations of these disorders. PANDAs and PANS are two more which relation to children and post infections.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Tired all the time and can't get out of bed? Is it Adrenal Fatigue, burn out or Chronic fatigue syndrome? What can you do about it?

Overcoming SIBO

What do we do with FODMAPs, Breath testing and all that talk of SIBO diets and bloating? I talk about it here with some evidence-based tools

2023 Health Goals

Keep the motivation up for your health and wellness. Stay motivated and strive for your optimal wellness.

Clean Water for Wellness

Optimal Health starts with diet, nutrition and mindset, but if we neglect environmental toxins like heavy metals, we are fighting an ongoing battle.

Sleep Routine for Health

Have you got the best routine for your sleep quality and optimal health and wellness as a result? The biggest pitfall we fall into is using our phone before bed!

Long Covid and Naturopathy

Do you feel you have long covid and never been right since catching it? What are the core things to consider if you have long covid when it comes to natural medicine?

The Herx Reaction or Health Crisis

Are you feeling worse or struggling with taking natural things like new nutrition powders or herbs? You might be having a die off which is called a Herxheimer reaction

Quality herbal Medicine and Dosage

Why is there such a variation in herbal medicine and the effects? Why do you take some powders or liquids and get results when other times you just don't get better?

Terrain Theory vs Germ Theory

Why is a naturopath different to a regular doctor's appointment and why should you consider seeing a naturopath?

Naturopathic Medicine 2.0

Adding a little more on the naturopathic philosophy of a naturopath. Why is preventative medicine so important when it comes to your health


Most autoimmune diseases share a common theme of gut dysbiosis and microbiome changes. Of course diet, herbs and lifestyle also impacts healing.

Gastritis Natural Cures

Gastritis or helicobacter is a common health problem we help at the Cura clinic. What are the top areas to focus on when treating gastritis with herbal medicine and naturopathy?

Non-Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity

Gluten free food is not only for Coeliacs. Many patients find that gluten just doesn't make them feel well and this is most likely from other reasons and termed NCGS.

Quality in Herbal Medicine

Why does quality matter when it comes to herbal medicine and nutrition? Surely they are all the same and one is just cheaper? When it comes to living matter and form, there are huge differences!

Case Study - Chronic Fatigue

Where do you start with chronic fatigue? We all want quick results but are they really possible and can we use a one-size-fits-all protocol? Simple answer - NO!

Mould CIRS Illness

Sick building syndrome describes patients who are sick because of their house. Often this is from mould and Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS)

Respiratory Tract Infections

 Chest infections, COPD and upper respiratory tract infections discussed by Shannon and the most helpful steps to improve it naturally

Blood Testing vs Hair Mineral Testing

What is the difference between testing the hair for minerals and doing a blood test? I explain the basics

Naturopath and Functional Medicine

 A little overview of the Cura Naturopath Clinic in Perth

Alkaline Water

 There is a great deal of talk about acidity being the cause of all illness, especially when you are reading about Natural cancer cures. But are things like alkaline water really that helpful to giving you a cure to illness?

Heavy Metal Testing

 Testing of heavy metals can be done with blood testing, however hair testing provides an easier way to test in children and adults. It will also show a broad spectrum of beneficial minerals and heavy metals.

Acne Rosacea

 How do we help patients with acne rosacea? How can we use functional medicine and naturopathic holistic medicine to help skin?

Autism and ADHD

 What do we do to help patients who are diagnosed with Autism or ADHD? What are the top areas to focus on for helping patients with these health struggles?

Sugar Tax discussions on MSM Television

Sugar tax request in MSM from Shannon at the Cura Naturopath clinic

Stool Testing For Parasites

Stool testing for parasites and Shannon discussing US stool tests back in 2012

What is Functional Medicine?

 What does functional medicine even mean? Is medicine not medicine? It can be called integrative medicine or naturopathic medicine but generally it means holistic or broader care and focus on the whole body.

Covid-19 and Respiratory Health

 At the time of publication, this is all we know. The virus may be stronger than previous yearly flus, but it could also be mild and overstated. Either way, keeping your immune system strong and able is paramount. Here are the essentials to remember.

Microbiome Functional Testing

 How is your digestive health? Do you think you have a parasite or other gut infection?

The microbiome stool test can easily identify the health of your digestion and it could even show you the connection to your chronic health condition.

Safe Removal Of Dental Amalgams


Have you got high levels of mercury or worried about removing dental amalgams? What would we do naturopathically with a holistic approach to keeping you well and healthy?

Children's Natural Immunity


How do we keep kids healthy, naturally and safely? A little functional testing, nutritional support and herbal medicine can really help children thrive and overcome sickness faster.

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