Cura Thyroid Questionnaire

Functional Medicine Thyroid Questionnaire

Vitamin D Naturopath Handout

Vitamin D 

Foods High In Protein Australia

Protein Foods

Foods High in Calcium

Calcium Foods

Weight Loss Questionnaire

Weight Loss Questionnaire

Foods High In Iron

Foods High In Iron

Testosterone Functional medicine Questionnaire

Testosterone Questionnaire

organic Food Shops Perth

Organic Food In Perth

Healthy Oat Recipe

Cura Oat Recipe

Food As Medicine

Foods As Medicine

Testosterone Functional medicine Questionnaire

Dietary Management of Gout

Gluten Intolerance Foods

Gluten Intolerance Foods

Japanese foods For Wellness

Japanese Foods

Kidney Stone Integrative Medicine Approach

Kidney Stones

Leaky Gut Integrative Medicine

Leaky Gut - Naturopath Healing

Foods High In Zinc

Foods High in Zinc

Constipation Natural Therapy

Constipation Natural Therapy Tips

Detoxing Foods

Detoxing Foods

14 Day Detox

14 Day Detox Diet

Foods High In Zinc

Hormones and Fertility

Preconception Care for Fertility

Fertility Essentials

Avoiding Allergies in Babies

Avoiding Allergies

Avoiding Allergies Part 2

Avoiding Allergies Part 2

healthy Digestion and Stools

Healthy Digestion

Basal Temperature for Thyroid

Basal Metabolic Temperature

Microbiome Repair Guide

Gut Repair Guide

Blood Group Diet Type A

Blood Group Diet - Type A

Diet - Type B

Blood Group Diet - Type B

Diet Type AB

Blood Group Diet - Type AB

Microbiome Repair Guide

Blood Group Diet - Type O

Managing Inflammation Naturally

Inflammation and Functional Medicine

Menopause - Integrative medicine

Menopause Questionnaire

Amenorrhea - hormones and naturopathy

Hormones and Absent Periods

Mood and stress Questionnaire

Mood and Stress Questionnaire

Acid and Alkalinity for Wellness

pH and Alkalinity

MTHFR Essentials

MTHFR Essentials

Reflux and GORD Natural Therapy

Reflux and GORD

healthy recipes

Healthy Recipes

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver - Functional Medicine

Fatty Liver

Portion Sizes for weight Loss

Portion Sizes for Weight Loss

Reducing Blood Sugar Levels

Regulating Blood Sugar Levels

Reducing Cholesterol With Diet

Reducing Cholesterol With Diet

Small intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth



Superfoods for Wellness

Healing Crisis

The Healing Crisis

Vaccination Ingredients

Vaccination Ingredients


Personal Care

These are some of the best natural therapy products without environmental chemicals such as petrochemicals and phthalates. They are mostly made with only plant ingredients such as coconut oils, essential oils or plant extracts. 

Dental Care -

  1. Jack and Jill 
  2. Nature's Goodness 
  3. Weleda

Deodorants -

  1. Live It Up
  2. Weleda
  3. No Pong
  4. Schmidt's

Bathroom & Shower -

  1. MooGoo
  2. Envirocare Earth
  3. Sukin

Make Up -

  1. Sodashi
  2. Miessence
  3. Trilogy
  4. Dr Hauschka

Sunscreens -

  1.  Natural Instinct 
  2. MooGoo

Lip Care -

  1. Hurraw

Moisturisers and Bodycare

  1. Envirocare Earth

Cancer Support – Cancer Support WA –

Organic Shops in Perth

The Organic Collective (Home delivery):
Organic on Charles:
Perth Organics (home delivery):
Freshline Organics (Home delivery and markets):
Alive Organics (Morley):
Manna Wholefoods:


Pregnancy Forums and Information

Australian Pregnancy forum –
Bub Hub –
Essential Baby –


Functional Pathology Testing Centres (Nutrition and Other)

Mediscan Hair Tests –
Healthscope Functional Pathology –
Nutripath (Integrative Medicine and Naturopath Tests) –
Perth Pathology (Blood pathology) –


Birth Preparation

Giving Birth Naturally:
Hypnobirthing Classes (Perth)-
Gabrielle Targett (Hypnobirthing and Doula):
Home Birth Australia –
The Pink Kit to Prepare for Birth:
Birth information: 

Midwives in Private Practice

Independent Midwives in Perth/WA: Ph: 9319 8043
Australian College of Midwives – 

VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean) –
Birth Rites – Healing after Caesarian –
Caesarean Awareness Recovery Education Support – 

International Links and Resources

Birth Story Diaries –
Childbirth Connection (US) –
Foetal positioning –
Evidence-based maternity care –
Penny Simkin Child Birth Educator –
Water Birth Website – 


Mum and Newborn Care (Joondalup) :
Post and Antenatal Depression Association –
The Beyondblue National Postnatal Depression Program – 

Health Professional Associations

Australian Registered Naturopaths and Herbalists –
National Herbalists Association Australia –
Australian College of Environmental and Nutritional Medicine:
Australian Natural Therapists Association –
Australian Psychologists Association –
Australian Traditional Medicine Society –
Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association –
Australian Association of Massage Therapists –
Chiropractors Assiociation of Australia –

Farmers Markets u0026amp; Organics

Perth City Farm Organic Farmers Market: Cnr Lime St ; Brown St; East Perth WA (Saturday mornings): [email protected]
Mt Claremont Farmers Markets: Mt Claremont Primary School, 103 Alfred Rd (Saturdays 8am-12 midday): [email protected]
Subiaco Farmers Markets (Saturdays 8am-12 midday): [email protected]
Kalamunda Farmers Markets: (Sunday mornings): [email protected]
Fremantle Farmers Markets: Fremantle Farmers Market (Sunday 7.30am to 12.30pm) Cnr High Road and Montreal Street, Fremantle
Western Farmers Markets: Palmyra Primary School, 60 McKimmie Street, Palmyra. (Sunday mornings):

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