Why My Passion is Natural Medicine?

It all started after being extremely sick and bedridden.
After being passed through a line of doctors and specialists, pumped full of antibiotics, pain medications, creams and the tools of the medical system, I was definitely far from well.

Years after this experience, doctors and specialists could only give me tablets to mask symptoms and cover up visual signs on my body. 

I just knew feeling exhausted, complete body dullness, brain fog, anxiety and even looking unwell with unhealthy weight loss was not right. I knew there had to be more I could do to feel better.

I first read books on alternative health and got a few tips on diet, lifestyle and simple methods that were outside the box.
Those things helped make me feel a little better.
So I did more and visited a herbalist.
Again I felt ever better.

Eventually I started studying Naturopath first in Perth and then later in Melbourne, Australia.
The journey continued and now I help others like you, regain complete wellness and the kind of health that makes you feel excited to wake up in the morning!

Who Am I?

Shannon Burford Naturopath

I am here and present for your wellness and recovery to optimal health.

I am committed to helping you heal to 100% of your potential. With a Never-Give-Up attitude.

I am a father of two healthy children who keep me living in the moment.

I am not perfect and still working on my health.

I am a science-based practitioner and use functional medicine testing and traditional wisdom.

I am always listening to your individual story. You're unique and your recovery will be your path - not generic.

How We Work

I have a  strong vision and is determined to weave it throughout your plan

Cura Vision

To educate and promote natural therapies for health, wellness and healing for children and families. Using functional medicine testing, naturopathy and an integrative medicine approach, we will improve health with patients locally and also globally with giving.

Cura Mission

To educate and positively improve the health and wellness of 3 million individuals globally by 2023 with help from natural resources such as herbal medicine, naturopathy and nutrition.

Cura Values

Natural wisdom – We all have an inner natural wisdom to heal
Empathy – Everyone has a story that must be listened to and felt
Generosity – Giving, giving and more giving
Unconventional – Let’s think outside the box to improve health
Nurturing – Nourish the body and spirit with food, herbs and nutrition
Empowering – Educate the patient to take control of your own health
Everybody is Human and has a story – Let’s work together to work out your full story
Compassion – Listen and treat patients from the heart
Respect – Age, sexual gender, race, choice or religion. Everyone deserves respect

What I Do

I combine modern science with ancient wisdom when delivering optimal wellness for my patients.
Using naturopathy or functional medicine or even integrative medicine, it basically covers the philosophy of thinking about the body as a holistic body all working together.
Therefore when I look at health, it must include a holistic approach.

Watch the video explainer to learn more or get in touch if you have questions. 

I look forward to helping you, naturally!

Cura Medicine in the Media

Channel 7 News - 2013

Talking on the negative effects of sugar on health and introducing a sugar tax for better Australian health. It would certainly help reduce the cost of health for Australians!

Here we are in the news, radio, TV and magazines.

Today Tonight Perth Naturopath

Good Health Magazine- April 2013

The Good health magazine wrote an article on epigenetics and weight loss. The article was a great 3 page spread on the Cura Integrative Medicine clinic and nutritional DNA testing
.Nutrition DNA testing

Mum's Not Having Chemo - 2013

Laura Bond wrote a book over viewing her mum’s experience with cancer and natural therapies treatment.
Laura has put the clinic as a reference in the book for patients looking for further information.
Visit the Other page on Natural Cancer Treatments here.
Natural Cancer Treatments Book

Offspring Wellness Magazine

We were also in the Offspring magazine with an article on naturopathic health, hair mineral analysis and children’s health

Offspring Wellness Magazine

5 Double A Radio - 2014

Sugar Tax – Interview with Jeremy Cordeaux on the topic of sugar tax. Sugar added to food is contributing to diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity in Australia.

Radio interview Sugar Tax

Western Australian Newspaper - 2017

Western Australian newspaper on Christmas and new year celebrations. Eating Right and looking after yourself.


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