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Naturopathic Medicine is a term which describes a personalised, holistic approach to health and wellness. This method of health takes into account all parts of the body and interactions between them.

Naturopathy is the foundational method which the Cura clinic uses to help patients recover and heal.

Through non-invasive treatments and the absolute best available natural medicines, our naturopaths can help your own body do the healing by assisting it to work well.

A Total Holistic Journey

Health is more than just symptoms.
Your naturopath will take into account your pathology results, functional tests, symptoms and develop a specific treatment plan which will be holistically tailored.
Your recovery plan often incorporates herbal medicine, nutritional medicine or nutraceuticals, as well as complementary diet and lifestyle recommendations.


Prevention is Better Than Cure

We believe that prevention is always better than a cure.
By assessing your epigenetics (DNA), medical history and functional testing, your naturopath can work with you to maximise your health, striving to prevent future worsening health conditions. When you are proactive and work on your wellness early, you are working on an areas often called "anti-aging" and ultimately improving things for the long term.

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