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Are You:

  • Looking for a natural way to improve health and well-being?
  • Suffering digestive pain, bloating & react to many foods?
  • Looking to understand allergies with allergy testing?
  • Always tired and feel a brain fog throughout the day?
  • Struggling with anxiety or depression?
  • Want to manage autoimmune conditions like Hashimoto’s or Crohn’s disease naturally?
  • Diagnosed with ADHD, Autism or learning difficulties?
  • Struggling with fertility and want a healthy baby?
  • Struggling with Cancer and want to maximise a positive outcome?
  • Have exhausted orthodox medicine avenues and are ready for naturopath healthcare?


Hi, I’m Shannon Burford,

Have you seen health professionals without the results you need?

Have you been researching how natural therapies, nutrition and diet might be able to help you recover faster? 

Are you curious how a naturopath can test further to uncover the causes of your health challenges?

Through combining ancient wisdom of traditional medicines with modern evidence-based technology, thousands of people are understanding how a holistic health approach can help. You might even not realise the tools available now which can pinpoint key nutrition and diet changes for your individual requirements.

You deserve better health right now and with the right guidance and individual plan, you can achieve the healthy you.

Curious how naturopathy can help you?


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What Do Patients Say About Cura?

We have had great advice and help from Shannon over the last 6-8 months. We will continue to use Cura to keep moving forward to a healthy happier family life. I would recommend Cura for anyone looking to try and fix a health issue or just optimize there health. Thank you Shannon and see you again soon 🙂
04:18 16 Mar 18
I have been working on my health with Shannon for a year and a half now. If I had stayed on the conventional medicine path, I would be in a grave state. When I arrived in Shannon’s care, I had a plethora of health issues that slowly were addressed over the course of time. In fact, I am continuing to get better. The thing about naturopathy is that it is not a quick fix. It takes time and commitment to change. Shannon guides you on the wholistic journey to wellness educating you every step of the way. I am eternally grateful to Shannon for the care and guidance he has given myself and my family and unconditionally recommend him to you and your family. Be well...
13:31 26 Mar 18
Shannon has helped me immensely during a difficult health journey. As i result of it, my family and myself have adopted a healthier lifestyle. Shannon is so knowledgeable and friendly. I would give him more starts but 5 is the limit. I highly recommend him to anyone willing to live a healthier lifestyle far from frequent visits to doctors.
Graciela Gibson
Graciela Gibson
14:50 31 Aug 17
Shannon became my Naturopath less than 2 months ago and so far the results and positive impacts on my health have been remarkable. Shannon is a strong believer in isolating the root cause of all health issues and address them in a holistic fashion. In the short time that I've been his patient, my energy levels have gone up significantly and I'm feeling much healthier overall with a much more positive outlook on my journey to good health. I would recommend Cura Integrative Medicine to anyone looking to improve on their health; Shannon is a caring health professional who is truly motivated by the positive results experienced by his patients.
SJ Maillet
SJ Maillet
00:45 29 Mar 17
Amazing!! Passionate Naturopath! Highly recommended going to see Shannon. In the few short months I've been seeing Shannon I am amazed by the difference I've felt in myself. Putting up with the frustration of exhaustion, no energy and constant brain fog, despite living a healthy lifestyle was taking its toll. Shannon Devised a treatment plan that has My energy levels through the roof and my brain functioning again! Shannons professionalism and knowledge is A1 his calm friendly demeanor makes every session a relaxed comfortable experience, the Herbal Tea on arrival is a lovely touch 😉
Emily Borg
Emily Borg
01:47 19 Jul 17
I’ve just started going to Cura but so far my thoughts are:- Shannon is very knowledgeable, approachable and understanding. A caring practitioner.- Shannon quickly identified some deficiencies and worked with me to come up with a remediation plan- I definitely feel better even just weeks into our treatment plan.I recommend. Time will tell if this rating becomes 5 stars!!
Wayne Harlon
Wayne Harlon
01:42 04 Aug 18

Is Integrative Medicine Right For You?

You can get natural health help at Cura Medicine for just about any health condition, especially difficult to treat cases. If you have exhausted conventional medicine avenues, contact the clinic to discuss a naturopathic care plan. If you need any help in the following areas, patients have experienced excellent results  to date:

  • Food allergy testing and reducing reactions
  • Preconception, Natural fertility support and IVF support
  • All forms of Cancer Support side effects and recovery
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Autoimmune conditions such as Hashimoto’s or Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Heavy metal testing and detoxification
  • Gastrointestinal diseases such as Crohn’s, parasite infections or IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
  • Chronic fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, exhaustion or excessive tiredness
  • Genetic nutritional testing – nutrigenetics profiles such as MTHFR and methylation

What can Cura Integrative Medicine offer you?

The Cura Clinic offers a comprehensive range of natural therapies and health by registered and experienced practitioners. Cura has a special interest in evidence-based herbal and nutritional medicine, experienced in treating a great range of conditions and people of all ages.

The clinic uses these tools to assist you with you wellness –

  • Evidence-based Nutritional Medicine
  • Personalised Integrative Medicine Health Plan
  • Evidence-based Herbal medicine
  • Clinical Naturopathy
  • Natural Therapy Care
  • Food allergy testing (Alcat, IgG, IgE, IgA)
  • Heavy metal testing eg. Mercury or Lead Toxicity
  • Specialised functional pathology testing such as Nutrigenomics, Salivary hormone or Stool test
  • Diet and lifestyle guidance for optimal health
  • Hormone saliva testing
  • Parasite Stool testing reports
  • Lymes disease support and treatment
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Getting Well With Naturopathy, Naturally!

We are a multi-modality clinic offering a range of natural therapy options and wellness care to the public. This means you and your family can gain better energy, have a healthy weight and overcome disease fast, naturally and holistically!

The word “Cura” is latin and means “to manage”, “cure” or “to care for”. It seems appropriate for a natural therapy clinic because our intention is to care for your wellness. At the Cura clinic you will only get the utmost professional natural health service and we will listen carefully to your needs. Read more…

Are you looking for a natural way to treat a health condition or overcome a key health or dietary challenge? The Cura Perth Natural Medical Clinic offers a comprehensive range of natural therapies, natural remedies and integrative medicine, all delivered by registered and experienced practitioners, who are specialists in their respective fields.

You may have visited natural health professionals before and not achieved the results you desired. Indeed, lots of our patients have exhausted many health options and conventional medicinal avenues yet finally achieve their desired results with the help of our team.

What makes the Cura Clinic different from all of the other clinics of traditional and natural medicine Perth wide? By combining ancient wisdom of traditional natural medicine with modern evidence-based technology, our team can provide the right guidance and the right plan, devised to your individual needs, to help you meet your specific health goals.

Even in difficult to treat cases, our integrated medicine and natural health therapies have proven successful. Through the use of advanced integrated medicine, natural therapies and the pinpointing of key required nutritional and dietary changes, our clients have had excellent results with managing the following health conditions and issues:

Natural Medical Clinic Perth

  • Food allergies
  • Preconception and fertility issues
  • Side effects and recovery following various forms of cancer
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Autoimmune conditions including Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Gastrointestinal diseases including Crohn’s disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • ADHD
  • Autism or learning difficulties
  • Digestive issues and bloating

The Cura Integrative medicine Perth clinic utilise a number of proven, evidence based natural medicine and therapies. The range of conditions that we can help to manage and treat is extensive and not limited to the above list.

Though you may feel like all of your options have been exhausted to no avail, know that there is light at the end of the tunnel with a visit to the Cura Clinic. We can help people of all ages to enjoy better health and well-being, no matter their condition, using a set of the most successful tools in integrative family medicine including:

Advanced Integrative Medicine Perth

  • Personalised integrative health plan aligned with your specific health goals and lifestyle
  • Dietary and lifestyle guidance
  • Clinical naturopathy
  • Food allergy testing including Alcat, IgG, IgE and IgA testing
  • Heavy metal testing such as Mercury or Lead toxicity tests and detoxification
  • Genetic nutritional testing of profiles such as MTHFR and methylation
  • Hormone salivary testing
  • Parasite stool testing
  • Lyme disease testing, support and treatment

If a health condition is preventing you or a loved one from living life to the full, visit the leading experts in Perth Natural Medicine today. Get well naturally and achieve a healthier you with the expert diagnostic expertise, treatment and advice from the Cura Clinic team. It’s what you deserve.

Cura Integrative Medicine specialises in natural medicine in Perth. We offer naturopathic advice and consultations and nutritional medicine. Cura Integrative Medicine provides testing for food allergies, testing for parasites, hormone testing and testing for pyrrole disorder. Make an appointment with a Perth nutritionist or a Perth naturopath.

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Hi-Caps Private Health Rebates Available

Naturopath Clinic Rebates

These and many more private health fund providers can be used with your naturopath and nutritionist consultations at the Cura Medicine clinic. For more information on your claiming and rebate amounts, please contact your health fund provider to clarify this for your consultation.