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Are you...?

  • looking for the best¬†naturopath in Perth¬†to improve¬†health now?
  • Suffering¬†digestive pain, bloating &¬†react to many foods?
  • Always¬†tired¬†and feel a¬†brain fog¬†throughout the day?
  • Struggling with¬†anxiety¬†or¬†depression?
  • Want to manage¬†autoimmune¬†conditions like Hashimoto‚Äôs or Crohn‚Äôs disease naturally?
  • Struggling with¬†fertility¬†and want a healthy baby?
  • Struggling with¬†Weight Loss¬†and want a healthy weight?
  • Have¬†exhausted orthodox medicine¬†avenues and are ready for a naturopath healthcare plan?
Herbal Medicine and Functional Medicine

Naturopath Diet Planning

Have you seen various health professionals without the results you need?

Have you been researching how naturopathy, nutrition and functional medicine might be able to help you recover faster? 

Are you curious how a functional medicine practitioner can test further to uncover the causes of your health challenges?

Through combining ancient wisdom of traditional medicines with modern evidence-based technology, thousands of people are understanding how a holistic health approach can help. You might even not realise the functional medicine testing tools available now which can pinpoint key nutrition and diet changes for your individual requirements. You deserve better health right now with the best naturopath in Perth! With the right guidance and individual plan, you can achieve the healthy you, naturally!

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Perth's best naturopath can help you recover faster with pin-pointed functional medicine testing, plus a tailored integrative medicine plan. 

Functional Medicine

Modern functional testing can give you detailed pathology results to explain how your body is working and how healthier you really are!

Herbal Medicine

Evidence-based herbal medicine work well and holistically. We source the most efficacious formulations and they are all Australian made or formulated in our dispensary. 

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Functional Testing

Herbal Medicine

Nutritional Medicine

Heavy Metal Detoxing

Microbiome Health

Google Testimonials

Shannon is excellent, friendly and knowledgeable. I visited him with bad digestive issues and within a few weeks was back on track. One thing I particularly like about him is that while he is a naturopath with an understanding/respect for traditional medicine too. This was important to me. Highly recommend.
Dan O'Reilly Patient
After 9 years of searching for the cause of my hormonal imbalance, I decided to see Shannon after no answers from multiple specialists. Shannon was able to identify the actual cause of my imbalance and rectify my symptoms within months. My quality of life has completely changed and I could not be more grateful. I only wish I had have seen him sooner!
Ellesha Knight Patient
Shannon has improved my health significantly and I cannot thank him enough!!!

I am a pharmacist, so it is quite unconventional from a historical point of view to endorse full naturopathy. However the results speak for themselves. When I first saw Shannon, my legs were swollen, and my skin was itchy everywhere. I left a pile of skin cells on his floor after my first. I was bordering on depression from my condition. Shannon has a methodical and logical approach to healing the body and 6 months later, I am 95 percent better!!

David Tran Patient
Shannon is very knowledgable and experience naturopath. I visited him with digestion, constipation, headache and other health issue and after taking the recommended supplements and herbs for a few months, I can see improvement in my health. He answered all my questions very patiently and appropriately. I will definitely recommend him.
Yiing Tiang Patient
Shannon it’s such an amazing person! He helped
Me out to recover my fitness pathway and my health over the last 4 months. I was suffering from a chronic shoulder pain ( bursitis) that any physiotherapist could seem to heal. However, as soon as I visited Shannon my recovery begun to happen and little by little I could back to the field and do exercise again!! I’m over the moon and without doubt I’d recommend Shannon over and over again. Big thank you Shannon!!
Alejandra Latorre Patient
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