Is your Gut the Cause of your Allergies?

Is your Gut the Cause of your Allergies?

Posted 30 Nov '20

Does stepping outside on a bright spring day make your eyes feel as if they were on fire? Believe it or not, It could be your gut!

Yes, that’s right. Your gut. When your immune system overreacts to something that should otherwise be harmless, such as dust and pollen, it triggers inflammation that results to allergic symptoms. These symptoms could be anything from hay fever, digestive upset, asthma, eczema, and in worse cases, anaphylaxis.

Antihistamines and other quick-fix over-the-counter medications may provide some level of relief, but it’s only temporary. So what can you do in order to get long-term health benefits? We should target the underlying causes of your allergy. And that includes your gut health and its function. This way, you will be able to increase your tolerance to your allergy triggers, and in time, beat your allergies.

Your Gut and Your Allergies

The foundation of your immune system is your microbiome — the bacteria living in your guts. In a medical research that studied the difference in microbiome levels between those with allergies and those without, dysbiosis was found to be a characteristic in people who had allergies. Dysbiosis is the imbalance in microbiome wherein the quantity and diversity of bacteria that are found in the gut is poor. When there is dysbiosis, the gut gets inflamed, and this inflammation extends outside the gut. When this happens, histamine gets released, causing the many symptoms related to allergy. Histamine is an inflammatory chemical that is released by immune cells.

Some microorganism strains specialises in bringing back the balance of the microbiome within your gut, regulating your immune function in order to decrease, and ultimately prevent, allergic symptoms.

Leaky Gut (Intestinal Hyperpermeability)

Inflammation within the gut that has been caused by dysbiosis triggers leaky gut. It occurs when the cells that act as barriers between the digestive tract and the rest of the body becomes permeable. When this happens, bacteria, toxins, and even food particles, can enter your bloodstream, worsening the inflammation, and your allergy symptoms.

It may all seem scary, but it brings comfort to know that there are herbs and nutrients that can help restore a leaky gut, namely:

  1. L-Glutamine. It is an amino acid that strengthens the integrity of the gut barrier, decreasing and treating the leak.
  2. Vitamin A. A nutrient essential in cell health and regrowth, this vitamin is able to keep the gut barrier intact.
  3. Zinc. Another nutrient that supports the integrity of the gut barrier.
  4. Baical skullcap. This herb has been found to be able to decrease the gaps between the gut barrier cells.
  5. Shiitake mushrooms. This medicinal mushroom helps to regulate the immune function and reduce inflammation.

Goodbye Allergies!

If you have been suffering from allergies, wherever you go and whatever you do, then it’s time that you consider your gut health. A healthy digestive system is key to a working immune system, and better tolerance to allergic triggers. With proper nutrition and guidance, you can put a stop to your allergies. Talk to our practitioner for a personalised allergy plan.


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