A Dream You for 2016

A Dream You for 2016

Posted 1 Jan '16

A new year has begun. What is your new years’ resolution?

Is it financial? Starting an investment?

Is it on family matters? Reach out to mum and dad, to have a closer and more beautiful relationship with them?

Or, does it concern health? As many of us would often promise ourselves, especially as the new year kicks in, aim to lose weight and eat healthier food?

​According to recent studies, about two thirds of the Australian population are either overweight or obese. Many of us are sure to face weight challenges during the course of our lives. It can be said that weight gain is not just a symptom, but a health condition itself.

There are many factors contributing to weight gain. These include stress, slowing down of metabolism, blood sugar or hormone imbalance, toxicity, and poor digestive functions.

​So, what can YOU do?

  • Consult with a Practitioner. Cura Integrative Medicine can help identify and address the underlying cause or causes to get you in shape. You can be sure that the program will be tailored​ specifically to you, depending on your how your hormones function, your medical history, and any symptoms you could be dealing with.
  • Eat healthy, balanced meals, every day. Include nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits, meats, seafood, and grains in your diet.
  • Exercise. Physical activities play in integral role in maintaining general health. Do some cardio exercises like walking, jogging, running, swimming, cycling, dancing, and sports.
  • Keep track of fat burning. You can do this (with the help of a professional, of course) by testing for the presence of ketones in your urine.

Being healthy is important not only for your own personal gain, but also for the benefit of your loved ones. Cura Integrative Medicine can help you with all of the items listed above. Feel free to send a message here. You may also wish to book a consultation by calling us at 08 9284 4644, or by filling in this form.

How about you? What is your resolution for this year?
Leave a comment below and share yours.

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