Meet your body demands with essential Nutrients

Meet your body demands with essential Nutrients

Posted 23 Feb '17

Does your Body Need Extra Nutrients?

Mineral deficiency is very common in Australians and New Zealanders, which is surprising isn’t it? One reason is because of deficient soils of crops and heavily processed foods.

Feel like you have low energy levels, getting stressed out or are you catching a cold too often? That could mean your body needs more vitamins and mineral intake for better functioning.  If the nutrient status gets low on a biochemical level in every cell, you will experience a decline in health conditions such as nerve function, muscle contractions or liver detoxification capacity. Many of these essential nutrients and minerals can be supplemented by intake of high quality multivitamin and mineral tablets for your needs.

Nutrients can be Hard to Come By

Fresh fruits and vegetables intake in your diet provides with plenty of nutrients and antioxidants.  But our busy lifestyle tempts us to have processed and packed foods that have very low essential nutrients in turn leading to less intake of fruits and vegetables.

Also, it is essential we eat high quality plant based foods, since poor quality are grown in mineral deficient soils. But it is also not easy to judge the quality of the food we buy, therefore it is good to have multivitamin and essential minerals to regain the nutrients necessary for your body and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Specifically For you

Before you decide to take your multivitamin and mineral supplement, it’s always better to take my recommendation– since multivitamins are formulated for specific health conditions. It is important to choose the one with therapeutic amounts of key nutrients to support you at different stages of life. Multivitamins intake differs with age, gender and specific health conditions – there are specially formulated multivitamins for childhood though old age, men and women.

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Herbal Help For Health

There are so many herbs that can assist the utilisation of the nutrition and improve organ function. Some common and useful ones include:

  • Phytonutrients from plants and herbal extracts provide a lot of additional benefits for your multivitamin formula.
  • Grape Seed and green tea: It helps protect DNA from damage, used as an anti-inflammatory and has anticarcinogenic and cardio protective qualities. Grape seeds are being used since ancient times in Greece. It also supports in healthy ageing.
  • Milk thistle –  It helps in liver detoxification especially if you are exposed to pollution, cigarette and other toxins.

Quality Not Quantity

You can’t judge a multivitamin based on the amount of nutrients. It is important to consider that it is a good quality form of vitamins and minerals that are used.

Always use the highest standard of multivitamin supplements from the best manufacturing process. The high quality is determined when the manufacture tests all the raw ingredients.

It is important to consider the form while choosing a multivitamin. Each one must be physiologically active and absorbable.

For example – Maginesium bisglycinate is highly bioavailable and does not compete with other mineral for absorption.

Take some recommendations from me to get maximum benefits from you multivitamin

Nutrient Rich Foods

Along with a good quality multivitamin it is very essential to choose a healthy diet for a good lifestyle:

  • Eat organic food as often and possible along with fresh fruits and vegetables.
    3 cups of fresh vegetable everyday will look colourful on your plate and also help in long term health and vitality. Try them in a super smoothie (like in a nutribullet or ninja blender) for breakfast or in a large salad for lunch
  • Drink pure 8 glasses of water every day and avoid excessive alcohol, caffeine, sugar and salt.
  • Always remember to include fresh protein rich food in your diet every day. Fish, poultry, lean meats, eggs, diary are some of the foods that are very rich in protein.
  • Whenever possible cook in healthy oils.
  • Nuts and seeds are another source of protein and also contain a lot of nutrients.

Compliment your Day the Nutrient Way

Having a busy lifestyle should not fade way the benefits of healthy diet and regular exercise your body requires. A good quality multivitamin and mineral formula is what you would need to achieve optimal health.

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