Why See A Naturopath?

Why See A Naturopath?

Posted 30 Mar '22

Most patients come for an appointment after going through the regular pathways from a GP and then onto a hospital, specialist or multiple practitioners. Although a patient may have received a prescription for pain relief or symptom relief, they are often wondering "What more can I do for my health?"

Unfortunately the whole orthodox medical system in Australia, is focused on a reductionist method of care which attempts to isolate an organ, pathogen or other cause to disease. A medical specialist, such as a cardiologist, studies only the vessels, arteries and heart but not the other parts of the body. The cardiologist also has knowledge on only medications specific to the cardiovascular system but very little on nutrition or other parts of the body. Another example would be a dermatologist who can differentiate between psoriasis and eczema but knows very little about the heart or even diet or the digestive system being related to skin health.

A naturopath, practices an alternative form of medicine that focuses on the holistic model of health and considers the whole body as one. A naturopath considers the importance of diet, stress reduction, herbal medicines, nutrition, digestion and many other areas contributing to optimal wellness in the patient.

Why is a Naturopath Consult Better?

Many patients comment that they are surprised at the different approach a naturopath takes in a consultation. Some examples are-

Consultations are Much Longer

Consults are at least 30 minutes and normally the initial consult is at least 60 minutes. We don't rush you in and out with a quick attempt at fixing things. We take time to listen to your full story.

Naturopaths Ask Many Questions

Naturopaths ask questions that patients might not feel are related to the presenting condition. For example if a patient is struggling with digestive pain, questions may also be asked about work stress, sleep patterns or dietary habits. 

A Naturopath Plan Involves Multiple Steps

A plan to recovery will not just be about taking a pill for a problem. It starts with some treatment for symptom relief but uses functional medicine testing to identify the root causes and then works to correct them. It is a step by step process to create permanent improvements that remain.

Naturopathy Focuses on Disease Prevention

A naturopath not only treats the presenting health condition such as reducing digestive pain or headaches, but works to permanently correct the underlying causes in order to return to a healthy equilibrium of health. This means you won't have to stay on medicines for your whole life.

Naturopathy Works to Prevent Future Diseases or Sickness

Since Naturopathy works holistically on all systems, all functions improve. For example by improving digestive function, waste removal is improved and absorption of nutrition is also improved. This indirectly assists with prevalent health conditions including cardiovascular health, hormonal imbalance, menopause,  immune system improvement, stress, sleep issues, allergies and skin conditions.

Naturopathy Uses Non-invasive Methods

A naturopath uses non-invasive and natural therapies to tap into the body’s self-healing abilities.  Physical symptoms are examined, as well as the influence of lifestyle factors and emotions on the person’s whole health. Nutrition from wholefoods and superfoods can be used to strengthen and nourish the body. 

Naturopathy can work well with Orthodox Medicines 

If you can find a well educated, registered naturopathic practitioner , they will be educated in pharmacology and will be able to safely integrate evidence based natural medicine with pharmaceutical  medicine prescriptions. It will help them work better and can be used too to minimise side effects such as chemotherapy agents causing severe negative side effects. This holistic health approach can put your mind at ease knowing that naturopath experts have created treatment plans tailored specifically to your health needs.

Naturopathy consultations are affordable

Naturopathy consultations are extremely affordable as the duration of time is much longer plus the positive impact on your longevity will ripple through for years ahead. Prioritising your health and wellness over a night out at a restaurant or drinks out with your friends will be much better for you’re your health and save you money in the long run!

Want to get started? Get in touch and take control of your health, naturally!


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