Top 5 Health Retreats Around Perth

Top 5 Health Retreats Around Perth

Posted 13 Feb '16

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Where there is peace and meditation, there is neither anxiety nor doubt.
– St. Francis de Sales

During these modern times, people are always in a rush, always occupied with work, with errands and chores, and of course, taking care of the family, especially the kids and the elderly.  It has been proven that everybody needs to take a break from time to time.  To focus on oneself.  To relax.  To unwind.  To release frustrations, tensions and stresses.  Else, the body and mind will snap, resulting to illness.

Below are health retreats that are situated in or around Perth:
If you need help quick, come in for a consult. Alternatively you can try one of these retreats to work on your diet before coming in.

5. Fawkes House

Fawkes House has a team of professionals in the holistic health and wellness industry who have combined their knowledge and expertise to ensure that each guest has maximum potential to achieve their wellness goal in a professional, supportive and nurturing environment.
Beautiful rooms, food and a home away from home.
While you are there you can pamper yourself with a range of massage treatments, walk through the gardens and get away from your electronic devices for your stay.
Location: Carmel, on the Bickley and Carmel Wine Trail, which is a cluster of boutique wineries. 30 minutes from Perth.
Rates: Prices available upon request

4. Ripple Retreats

These are ideal for the busy person who may find it hard to take time off work for extended periods. Sure, we all want to jump on a plane to Bali or beyond, but it could be hard with a busy work schedule.
So how about just one day of treating your body well?
This is exclusively one day retreats, where you move through the day with a combination of massage, juice, education and more.
Known for: “Recharge in one day”
Location: East Fremantle
Rates: 1 day: $288
Other Promos and Offers:  Group discount; Early bird rate; Return guests

3. Eden Light Retreat

Eden Valley Retreat offer detox packages which include biodynamic food and organic food to assist you to really detox your body. You can choose to stay just one night or multiple or you can even choose to drive right in with a full package of energy healing, good organic and biodynamic food and some massage.
The biggest plus of this retreat is the location, amongst the trees and beautiful nature.
Location: Roleystone, 40 minutes from Perth
Rates: Per night: Garden Retreat: $295, 2 nights minimum; Tree Top Retreat: $395
Packages: Wide variety of packages + accomodation:

2. Hidden Valley Eco Lodges & Day Spa

This is a day spa, nestled amongst an enchanting forest, offering massage, pamper packages and luxury couples treatments. You can choose to stay in one of our luxury self contained spa lodges, or spend the day indulging in a spa treatment.
This place would be ideal for a quick recharge with ultimate pampering and luxury.
Location: Pickering Brook, 20 minutes from Perth
Rates: Around $500 and up
Services and Offers: Yoga, health & wellness retreat schedules available upon request

1. Mindfulness Meditation Retreats

Also known as Jhana Grove Meditation Retreat, this centre is run by Buddhist monks with a intention to educate people on the basics of meditation.
This place is ideal for deeper meditation work and for you to get away and explore your inner side.
The meals are very basic and they do serve sugar-rich snacks too. I recommend you take your own nut and seed mix so you can have a healthier alternative.
Bookings are on a first come first serve basis so get in early.
Also there is a wait list for cancellations to be filled. You can get lucky if you are willing to go on late notice.
Each room is single and then there is a large communal area for group work and meals.
Location: Serpentine, 1 hr southeast of Perth
Rates: Basically donation (9 day retreat $280)
Do you have a favourite retreat in Western Australia?
Feel free to leave a comment below.

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