Supercharged Energy Keys

Supercharged Energy Keys

Posted 14 Oct '19

Are your energy levels not what they should be? Are you feeling dips in energy and struggling to keep up with your friends, family or colleagues?  You might have had some basic tests at your doctor and “found nothing” or “everything is in normal range”.

As the day goes, your energy gets spent and it can begin to wane. You might find yourself mentally burned out. You might have started to lose your libido too. Had your habits and lifestyle been healthy, you would not feel too easily discharged. You may feel that you are losing touch, causing your health to decline even more.

So what can you do to lift your energy?

Get Into Your Zone

Take control of your health, and ultimately, your life, through three simple hacks:

  1. Start from the top. We don’t mean to start all over again, but to begin your focus on your brain. When you feel mentally fatigued, it can impace every other system in the body — your heart, your guts, your digestive system, your reproductive system, and so on. Take a break from stressors from time to time. Doing an activity that you actually enjoy will help get rid of stress and start recharging your energy.
  2. Next, food choices. Food is the body’s fuel. Would you expect your car to perform at its best when it’s running on dirty fuel? Same goes with your body, your physical engine. Steer clear from processed foods, alcohol, soft drinks, sugar, and caffeine. They increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and negatively impacts fertility.
  3. Lose the booze. You should know when you’ve had enough alcohol. Limit it to two glasses if you have to drink. But if you are working on some health conditions or trying to conceive, eliminate the booze altogether.

Make the Change

If you find it impossible to completely avoid “bad” food, start by adding in or swapping in some healthier alternatives. Increase your intake of fruit, vegetables, lean meat, and whole grains. Here are a few samples. Ditch the first, and go for the second:

  • Cereal to porridge. Porridge has lower sugar content, and higher soluble fibre which help get rid of toxins.
  • Beef and sausages to fish. For healthier heart and testosterone levels.
  • White potatoes to sweet potatoes. The latter are more nutrient dense. Better support for energy and reproductive health.
  • Sweet snack to banana. To get that natural energy boost.
  • Soft drink to soda water. If you want it to have that zing, add a squeeze of citrus.

Additional Energy Creating Tips

  • Make it a goal to exercise for at least thirty minutes daily, five days a week. It’s a great way to keep your weight under control, and increase strength and endurance. It improves sleep and mind.
  • Get some z’s. People who only get less than 5 hours of sleep are more at risk of suffering a heart attack. Get 7 to 8 straight hours of quality undisrupted sleep. It helps your body recover from stress, repair damaged cells, and restore all functions. Alcohol exacerbates irregular sleep patterns, sleep apnoea, and snoring.
  • Avoid environmental toxins. The air, water, and surfaces that you touch have some levels of exposure to chemicals, smoke, fumes, radiation, heavy metals. And that includes the insides of your office, home, and even your car. Exposure to these toxins can negatively impact your body and especially your hormones.

If you are having trouble getting yourself back on track, we may help.


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