Super Ageing and Living Long

Super Ageing and Living Long

Posted 8 Apr '18

Have you noticed something forming at the outer corners of your eyes? You look closely in the mirror, and… alas! It’s the dreaded crow’s feet! And how about other parts of your skin? You might realise, it is not as smooth and firm as it was before. It’s dry, wrinkly and doesn’t have a spring it used to. What has happened?  Well, basically you are ageing. You are not within the young adult demographics anymore!

Now, all living creatures, big and small, do age in time. It is natural, and it is genetically programmed into our DNA. We cannot stop time, hoping that we can stay young forever physically. But what we can do is live well and healthy, and age beautifully and gracefully. What are the secrets to super ageing? Read on!

Antioxidants are the body’s ultimate weapon when it comes to healthy ageing, in order to prevent disease from attacking.

Three key nutrients that are needed to keep bodies healthy as we age:

  • Curcumin — It is the main component of turmeric, and has been used in different traditions for skin and healing wounds. Due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it prevents chronic diseases from developing.
  • Resveratrol — This antioxidant protects the cells from damages caused by free radicals, increasing the body’s longevity. It is found in blueberries, red grapes, and in the herb – Japanese knotwood.
  • Quercetin — It is a potent bioflavonoid that helps support the strength of the blood vessels, thus keeping the cardiovascular system healthy.

Follow these six simple hacks for super ageing and living well:

  1. For healthy body: Eat two servings of fresh fruits, and a minimum of five cups of vegetables daily. Make sure those vegetables vary in colour!
  2. For effective and efficient tissue repair and stable energy levels: Include foods that are rich in protein in every meal and snack. It doesn’t have to be meat and vegetable protein is fine
  3. For healthy brain function and glowing skin: Include healthy oils (and a good dose of DHA fish oil), nuts and seeds in your diet.
  4. For proper hydration, and therefore healthy skin and optimal brain function: drink at least 30 ml of water per kilogram of body weight of water every day, and avoid excessive alcohol.
  5. For a balanced lifestyle: Enjoy an occasional treat once in a while. A “cheat day” once a week is okay.
  6. Overall Longevity: Consider a mini fast a couple of days a week. If you enjoy it, increase it to a daily activity and cut down your eating!

When deciding on your daily food intake, remember the three P’s

  • Plan. Create a shopping list for the foods that you will use in a week. Remember to opt for fresh produce, and keep storage of fresh food in a fridge short, for the longer that food is stored in it, the lesser the nutrients get.
  • Purchase. Produce from the local farmers market are fresher than those bought from supermarkets.
  • Prepare. Cook extra batches of food during days off work. Keep them in airtight containers and put in the freezer. This saves time during the week, when everybody is in a rush to get to school and office.

Talk to your Practitioner about how you can achieve super ageing and start living well, and get a tailored program that is unique to you. Feel your best through proper support and guidance.


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