Perth’s Top 15 Must Visit Organic Hubs

Perth’s Top 15 Must Visit Organic Hubs

Posted 2 Feb '16

Many patients looking for the best organic suppliers ask me, “Where are the best organic cafes and shops?”. A naturopath’s foundation treatment really needs to pivot on a clean, nutrition dense diet, so here are my Top 15 list!

Perth’s organic food scene is noticably picking up momentum (compared to Melbourne and Sydney anyhow!) so I’ve tried my best to include the current best.

Here they are :)

15. Nature’s Harvest


Cozy and warm place. They often have products that you might not usually find in other shops. This health food shop and cafe is indeed serves juice, coffee, green tea while you shop.
Nature’s Harvest webpage

14. Manna Health


Manna wholefoods in Fremantle was one of the first “real” organic experiences in Perth. Manna is an oldie but a goodie with a naturopath room at the back. Compared to Melbourne or Sydney, Manna was up there in a decade ago with their range and loose seeds, sauces and raw ingredients for your kitchen cooking needs. It’s still an awesome cafe and shop, although there are many more that have opened throughout Perth that rank higher up the Top 15 list :)
Manna Wholefoods webpage

13. Solomon’s Cafe


As they say on their webpage, Solomon’s is based around catering for all walks of life regardless of beliefs and needs. This means you can be sure your friends can all enjoy the food whether vegan, vegetarian, raw foodie, paleo, allergic, food sensitives, GAPS follower or even a big meat eater. They are more “healthy” rather than strict organic.
Solomon’s Cafe webpage

12. Organic on Charles


This is probably the best stocked organic shop in Perth. If you have something on your list for your superfood cooking and can’t find it, these guys are sure to have it. You could consider this place a naturopathic pantry :)
The only complaint I have heard is that you walk out spending a little more than you expected due to the amount of great stuff!
Organic on Charles webpage

11. Precious organics


 It’s your one stop organic shop with everything organic that you’ll need just down from Garden city in Booragoon. Super close to the fish shop too so you can grab your seafood supplies in the same trip!
Precious Organics webpage

10. Perth City Farm and Cafe

This is a weekend-only market and cafe that offers fresh produce and awesome nutrition-rich, organic cafe food. There are gardens to stroll through and chickens to feed.
There is even a mulberry tree that the kids can climb on and get their clothes stained in juice if you are lucky to visit when the tree is fruiting.
Perth City Farm and Cafe webpage

9. Health Freak Cafe

There are now 3 locations around Perth, along the similar lines of Grill’d burger. Although not 100% organic, they are good for a fun, “healthy” meal out. There is currently one in Mt Lawley, Joondalup and Scarborough. Visit anytime for breakfast, lunch or dinner for you paleo style eating meals. Fresh salads, protein-rich goodness and smoothies and juices.
Health Freak Cafe webpage

8. Organic Collective

This is a home delivery service for fresh fruit and vege naturopath needs. They are based in Hamilton Hill (South of the River). Although not a place you can check-out, they are a great source of organic produce to make some yummy dishes in your home, without the need to leave.
Organic Collective webpage

7. The Raw Kitchen

One of Fremantle’s (and Perth’s too) best when it comes to clean and healthy eating. They have become so popular that they moved to a bigger location. Staff are helpful and courteous, with a continuous flow of mouth drooling raw foods that will have you saying, “I didn’t think raw food could taste so good!”
The Raw Kitchen webpage.

6. The Organic Circle

This little gem is up towards the hills in Armadale. It’s a business run with heart and a solid core philosophy of bringing real food to the community.
The shop includes a load of handmade produce glowing with heart and love that you can feel.
They even have raw food cooking classes that run throughout the year.
The Organic Circle webpage.

5. Dunn & Walton (f.k.a. Absolutely Organic WA)

A great variety of fresh and dry produce for people living near Doubleview. They even do home deliveries on Wednesdays in a chilled van to keep your organic goodies cool and fresh upon delivery.
It might be better to order your produce for delivery because if you go there you are going to spend more than you wish on the cafe temptations!
Dunn & Walton webpage

4. Alive Organics

This large shop in Morley have a really good range of everything organic. They have a cafe and you can order things online too for you convenience.
Alive Organics webpage

3. Loose Produce

Good prices for wide range of healthy products in Como. Loose Produce also offer Yoga classes 7 days a week for a truly holistic organic experience.
Loose Produce webpage

2. The Green Bean Store

Over in the east side of Perth, this store has your organic products plus a cafe combined. The food is really fresh and they have a great range. The cafe food includes an awesome range of raw food, vegan and vegetarian delights that will make your mouth water.
This place makes the number 2 position because they are truly organic and use seasonal, 100% organic ingredients (except for free range chicken and some bacon). Do yourself a favour and visit them!

1. Peaches Fresh in Fremantle

This is my all time favourite for a large range of wholefoods, quality foods and friendly staff. There is an excellent selection of organic meats and organic vegetables too at very affordable prices. There is a really diverse selection of snacks too for healthy children.

Peaches Fresh Food Market webpage

What is your favourite organic cafe, restaurant or shop? Add a comment below if you feel I have missed an important one so I can share it!
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