A Naturopath’s Top 7 Tips To Survive Christmas

A Naturopath’s Top 7 Tips To Survive Christmas

Posted 15 Dec '16

Ahh, the Holidays! They bring cheers and wonders, and families and friends together, but worry and stress could be tagging along. Not to mention all the food that are served during get-togethers and reunions.

Worry not, because here are seven tips to keep in mind as the Holidays come straight from a naturopath:

7. Alternate between indulgent and strictly-on-a-diet days.

Food – both healthy and unhealthy- will be unavoidable. So, instead of trying to lose weight during this crazy time of the year, work on keeping your current size. In order to do this, you can try alternating high-calorie days and low-calorie days until the Holidays are through. This way, you can still enjoy those sweets and roasts withouth going overboard. And remember to keep your protein intake high which will also keep you full.

6. Increase your fiber intake.

Adding fiber will keep you feeling full; keeping your cravings at bay. Stock up on low fructose fruits such as berries, wholefoods, nuts and seeds, and legumes. There are always salads available at Australian Christmas parties, so fill up your plates with these first before the fruit mince pies :)

5. Save leftovers into the freezer right away.

If left out, you might find yourself snacking on them every time you see them. One way to control how much to eat is to portion and store them into single-serve containers. And besides, food will spoil faster if left on the counter or table.
You will save yourself time too to for the coming weeks.

4. Budget and Plan using a calendar.

Most of us have trouble sticking to a budget, especially around the holidays. Try managing through a calendar instead. Mark the days when income comes in, and then spread out the expenses over the following weeks, such as limiting buying two gifts in a week, or dining out, or when to buy the next batch of shopping. And keep a close watch on when your favourite stores will go on sale.

3. Try de-stressing with a homemade Relaxation bath.

Put some baking soda and magnesium salts (Epsom salts) in your bath. You may throw in some rose petals and some lemon slices for additional natural fragrance. Put a few drops of lavender oil in too for a super chill out. Go on. You deserve this.

2. “Care for some herbal tea?”

Drink a glass of holy basil tea or chamomile herbal tea in the morning. This tea helps reduce production of the stress hormone, cortisol. And the heat as the tea goes down through your body gives you this serene feeling, and helps you stay present.

1. Try conscious eating.

Don’t just gobble up food when you eat. Try taking it slow, and think about the food that you have in your hand. Take time to appreciate its colour, shape and texture. Dissolve it around your mouth and really taste it. Don’t just chew it. Enjoy the moment and don’t rush. Take it slow.

Concerned that you are still left feeling stressed at the end of the day? Do you feel burned out and fatigued before the day even begins, and nothing you do is making it better? There might be an even bigger issue with your hormones. Call Cura Integrative Medicine today and we’ll help: +61-8-9284 4644; you may also book an appointment here.


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