Naturopath’s Sleep Tips (Part 2): The Don’ts

Naturopath’s Sleep Tips (Part 2): The Don’ts

Posted 19 Oct '16

You’ve read about what you should do.

Here are some things that you should avoid if you are aiming to optimise your sleep:

  1. Working out 90 minutes or less before bedtime.
  2. Caffeine during the later part of the day.
  3. Taking naps late in the afternoon.
  4. Drinking too many beverages between dinner and bedtime to prevent frequent night-time urination.
  5. Alcohol, which may feel like a sedative, but actually has once metabolised, becomes a stimulant, waking you up in the middle of the night preventing you to get the rest that you need. If unavoidable, drink alcohol earlier in the day.
  6. Nicotine, which is also a stimulant and may cause insomnia.
  7. Bright lights – from television, mobile phones, tablets, and even lighting around the house should be dimmed down.​

Bonus: Try these to help with your insomnia–
Here are some relaxation techniques that you may try before bedtime:

  • Paced respirations: Take deep breaths, holding for five seconds between each. Repeat several times, focusing on the sound of breathing.
  • Progressive muscle relaxation: Starting with your feet first, tense your muscles as tight as possible, then relax. Work your way up towards arms and neck.
  • Repetitive focus: To help settle an overactive mind, focus on a word, sound, prayer, phrase, muscle activity, or white noise.

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