Keep Our Mind Strong; And Stress At Bay

Keep Our Mind Strong; And Stress At Bay

Posted 26 Oct '16

Not many people realise that mental health disorders are not that rare. Often times, you would feel as if you were the only person in the world who was feeling low or depressed. It is comforting to know that you are not alone. Several factors contribute to these episodes. These factors include stress, poor health, loss, trauma, sudden changes in your surroundings—they all have something to do with depression.

Just like how inflammation happens when there is an infection or an injury, it could also be in the brain and the body when one is depressed. In order to “remove” the depression, that inflammation needs to be dealt with.

Natural Medicine
One should not have to suffer every single day, thinking that their “normal” day involves having a lot of stress, feeling low, or being depressed. Natural medicines can help, and it is also nice to know that they can be taken alongside prescription antidepressants.
Two examples of these natural herbs are Turmeric and Saffron. While these two are known to bring flavor to dishes, they can act as potent anti-inflammatory and antidepressant medicines. Turmeric, due to curcumin, its active constituent, can promote healthier brain function.

It has been proven that cardiovascular intense exercise immensely improves brain function, and releases happiness hormones. Good forms of exercises are High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), running, swimming, cycling, aerobic, and even walking. Group exercises such as yoga classes are also strongly recommended. So is joining a sporting club. Social interaction, either with one friend, or a group of people, and building relationships help with one’s mental wellbeing. Thus, further helping fight depression. Zumba, anyone?

Power of the mind
I believe that we all have our own inner strength. We are built resilient to adversities that come our way. Behind every cloud is a silver lining, you’ve heard. If you find yourself feeling low, it helps to think of the things around us. Things that we may have been ignoring but may have been contributing to our happiness, without us realising it. A son or daughter, a parent or a sibling, a cousin or an aunt, a friend, a classmate, a colleague. Or it could be something else rather than a person. Appreciation for life, or nature. Volunteering at a shelter. No matter what it is, we should remember that we must not let challenges hurt us. Instead, they should be opportunities to grow.

A registered naturopath can develop a holistic health strategy designed for you, in order to help you pull everything together, so that you can feel more positive, and be more in control of your life.


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