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Outsmart Glandular Fever Naturally: Unconventional Strategies for a Full Recovery

While medications and rest play a crucial role to overcome glandular fever, incorporating unconventional strategies can support a full recovery. Prioritising a nutrient-rich diet is essential to boost the immune system and help the body combat the virus. Including foods high in vitamins C, E, and B-complex, as well as zinc and omega-3 fatty acids


Long Covid and Naturopathy

Long Covid or post-covid is defined as continuing signs and symptoms from four weeks to greater than three months. Ongoing data suggests that 30% of patients will have persisting covid symptoms for over 6 months.

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Finding Joy Amongst Depression

With depression comes low mood, insomnia, fatigue, Agitation, poor concentration and sometimes suicidal thoughts or recurrent thoughts of death. What can you do to find your joy again?


Natural Medicine For Monkey Pox

Monkey pox, like other pox diseases such as cowpox, is said to be caused by a virus from the orthopoxvirus genus.What can a Naturopath do to help?


Why See A Naturopath?

Why would it be a good idea to visit a naturopath to get help for your health? Have you tried seeing a GP or regular medical specialist for your condition? A naturopath looks at things deeper by using functional medicine testing, herbal medicine, nutrition and a holistic approach.

Immune System

Preparing Your Immunity and Detoxing After Covid Vaccination

Who would have ever thought 2 years ago that we would be here in a world that seems so foreign? Where freedom of movement has been taken for health. Divided families and friends because of a debate on the health of the world's population. Strangely, both sides want the same thing - the best health for everyone.


Poor Sleep? You Could Be At Risk Of These Serious Conditions

If you have ever slept poorly in the night, you may have found yourself losing your focus, alertness, appetite, mood, and energy the following day. 

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Simple Natural Steps to Manage Anxiety

Shockingly, one in every seven Australians suffer from anxiety every year. For them, daily life becomes difficult to cope with.

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Tips To Reduce Stress and Sleep Well

Going through a lot of stress impacts the quality of sleep you get come bedtime. Sometimes the mind simply does not shut down so that you can finally fall asleep.


Top 10 Boosters for Chest Infections

As winter begins in Perth, I’d like to revisit the keys to keeping our immune system in optimal function. There will always be a new virus or “bug” revealing itself, but the keys are rarely different.

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Rethinking our Health Model – Germ Vs Terrain Theory

If you take a stroll down the cleaning isle in the supermarket, you’ll notice the products are all about killing and sterilising.


Microbiome Health to Strengthen Immunity

When the gut microbiome is imbalanced, you may feel digestive issues such as bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea, to name a few.

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Modern Weight Loss: 15 Methods That Work

Looking around on the internet, a lot of myths have popped up regarding weight loss. People often end up doing insane things that mostly don’t have evidence supporting the claim.


Overcoming a Cold and Flu Quickly

Do you feel run down, your throat sore, and nose runny? Maybe also have cough, a headache, and fever? You don’t have to suffer and wait until your cold is gone.


Overcoming Digestion Problems with a Detox Support

Have you always suffered from bloating, constipation, diarrhea, or stomach pain? Or have your recently contracted what’s called a traveler’s diarrhea and have had trouble recovering fully?


Overcoming Recurrent Infections

Do you find yourself falling sick so easily? Infections being treated with a complete round of antibiotics only for it to return after a short while?


Top 8 Health Goals to Start 2018

Ahh… It’s that time again when all of us are making new year’s resolutions, or updating our bucket lists. Some of us might make relationship or family goals top priority.

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Destroying Anxiety and Bringing Back Calm

Everyone experiences anxiety from time to time, it’s a natural response to stress! To most people, it could even be a motivator to push you to finish assignments and projects,


IBS and gastrointestinal fungus like Candida

Candida albicans is normally a harmless yeast present in the gastrointestinal tract of humans. The digestive tract of an average adult contains over 500 different strains of bacteria and fungus living in harmony. 

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Overcoming Autoimmunity Naturally

When the body’s immune system is thrown off-balance and becomes unregulated, the immune system attacks itself, causing autoimmunity.

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Naturopath’s Sleep Tips (Part 2): The Don’ts

You’ve read about what you should do. Here are some things that you should avoid if you are aiming to optimise your sleep: Working out 90 minutes or less before bedtime.

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Naturopath’s Sleep Tips (Part 1): The Must-Do’s

Do you wake up in the morning still feeling tired and stressed despite having 8 straight hours of sleep? Or, do you have trouble drifting off and heading straight to a deep slumber?

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A Naturopath’s Top 8 Tips To Reduce Stress

Stress has a much greater impact on your overall health than you think. Since stress response is a coping mechanism for the human body to an external threat,


Prebiotics and ​the Digestive Health

You must have heard a lot about probiotics. But do you know what prebiotics are and what the difference is between the two?


How Do Herbalists Make the Best Cup of Tea?

When you’re sick, little is more comforting than holding a steaming mug of fragrant tea in both hands. Somehow, no matter how terrible you felt before,

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Conquer Stress Naturally

Do you always feel down or just lack the drive to get going? Do you find yourself losing energy too quick and find it hard to get through the day?


Brace yourselves. Here comes winter.

The “cold” days of winter are coming.  And by cold, we mean the sneezing-and-stuffy-nose kind of cold. Or flu. When we catch cold, we’re forced to stay in bed as much as we can.

Female Hormones

Herbal of the Month – Skullcap

Skullcap is known scientifically as Scutellaria lateriflora, and more commonly called Blue Skullcap, or American Skullcap.


What is Integrative Oncology?

Also regarded as integrative medicine, integrative oncology is the use of integrative therapies along with conventional medicine.  

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Top 5 Health Retreats Around Perth

Where there is peace and meditation, there is neither anxiety nor doubt. – St. Francis de Sales During these modern times, people are always in a rush,


A Dream You for 2016

A new year has begun. What is your new years’ resolution? Is it financial? Starting an investment? Is it on family matters?


Anti-Aging with Natural Medicine

Are you forgetting names, your keys, flexibility and movement are getting difficult? Picking out on grey hair recently? – Are these signs of aging? Yes, its natural and it isn’t a disease. 

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