Considering shaking off some kilos?

Considering shaking off some kilos?

Posted 1 Jan '15

New Year’s Resolutions…

Recent research shows that more than half of the Australian women and two-third of the Australian men are either other weight or obese. Being overweight is not an uncommon health condition; all of us face these challenges at some point in our lives. Challenge yourself and start off fresh in 2015. Lose some extra kilos and feel good about yourself! A naturopath can help you achieve your health goals!

Shake Off Those Extra Kilos

You can lose the extra kilos with a professional weight management program. But it is always essential that you balance your diet and exercise regularly. Low carbohydrate, moderate protein eating plan will help you lose some kilos and maintain the muscle mass. By having a weight loss program – you will not only lose weight but also enhance metabolism to support further weight loss.

Do you feel like you have a spare tyre round the middle? Get help to reduce that unwanted belly fat!

The fat around the belly also called as the visceral adipose tissue is associated with increased risk of diabetes, heart diseases and even dementia. It’s good to keep yourself trimmed down and reduce the risks of these chronic diseases.

Trust the Professionals

Weight gain can be due to many factors; prolonged or recurring stress, reduced metabolic rate from low thyroid function, imbalances in blood sugar levels or hormones, toxicity and poor digestive function. Presence of inflammation can also slow down your weight loss.

Here at Cura, we have tailor made weight loss programs that is made specifically according to your underlying problems that helps you overcome the roadblocks and achieve success.

I can guide you through your weight transformation in an effective way yet safe and help you achieve your goal.

Healthy Eating For a Healthy Body

Weight loss doesn’t mean dieting. It involves a regular healthy nutrient rich diet.  Every day you can enjoy two healthy low carbohydrate meals, one meal replacement of a tasty shake, hearty soup or delicious bar, two low carbohydrate protein snacks and healthy oils.

The being of the weight loss program you will receive a guide demonstrating healthy portion control, so this will ensure that you won’t be left hungry.  You will also receive recipe books that have easy yet tasty meals for weight loss. Make sure you carry the food list while shopping for your groceries so that you don’t end up buying the wrong foods.

Weight loss for Life

The weight loss program at Cura aims for at least 4 times a week; 40 minutes exercise each time. These exercises can be fun type activities – swimming, cycling, dancing or even playing a sport. It is essential that you follow a healthy diet and regular exercise to keep safe from cardiovascular health issues.

An essential key for weight loss is to have a positive thought and keep your stress levels low. Like exercising and healthy diet, relaxation and fun is also important. Engage yourself in social activities, hobbies etc.

A Road to Fat Burning

Ketones are by product of fat metabolism, created as the liver break down fats. If ketones are present in the urine, you can be sure that you are burning fats.

Book an appointment today and discuss how to test the presence of ketones in your body.

A New You!

Ready to start off the new year with the weight loss resolution? Achieve and maintain a healthy weight for your personal health and for the benefit of your loved ones. Reduce the risks of these chronic diseases and stay healthy and happy!


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