Bring Back Your Energy

Bring Back Your Energy

Posted 10 Aug '17

Feeling tired more often than you are energised? Has fatigue been sneaking up on you? Sounds like you may have persistent fatigue – and this could seriously affect your everyday life! Persistent fatigue cannot be shown through diagnostic procedures so it is often misunderstood. While decreasing energy levels is common, being “too tired” all the time SHOULD NOT be your “normal”.

Why are you so tired?

In short, for optimal energy, your body needs nutrients. A steady stream of nutrients allows maximum production of energy from your body’s energy powerhouses in each cell, the mitochondria. Without adequate nutrition, the mitochondria wouldn’t be able to provide energy to the body, giving you less efficiency to complete activities and tasks throughout the day.

Primary nutrients which the body needs for energy are:

  • Co-Enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) which is associated with the process of energy production, as well as protection against damages that could occur daily
  • Magnesium that helps in the transformation of food into energy
  • B group vitamins which enter the mitochondria, then synthesises energy, and afterwards assists the mitochondria
  • Acetyl-L-carnitine bringing fats into the mitochondria so it could burn for energy

But to fully help your body to achieve maximum energy levels, a smart diet and healthy lifestyle should be incorporated to support your energy stores. And this means:

  • Eating foods which contain unrefined and unprocessed carbohydrates, protein and fat – the primary keys in achieving great energy production.
  • Avoiding stimulants. An example is caffeine, which could drain your body out of its energies and deplete vital nutrients like your B vitamins.
  • Having optimal sleep – seven to nine hours sleep every night and wake up feeling revitalised, ready to kick it every day!
  • Regaining peace within your body by  reducing stress, meditating and finding time for leisure.
  • Exercising regularly, our personal favourite.

Allowing your body to have a strong foundation of energy production allows you to rediscover your own self.  Start today and get that fatigue out of your system!


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