Top 10 Best Organic Farmer's Markets in Perth

Top 10 Best Organic Farmer's Markets in Perth

Posted 19 Jan

If you are not a fan of mass produced, cold stored fruit and vegetables, then I highly recommend a local farmer's market to get your local, organic fruit and vegetables from. Not only will you be accessing fresher produce but you will also be supporting local growers and business owners.

It always is a fun filled morning with the family and you will be sure to walk away happier than when you arrived with a handmade cookie, coffee or garden tool in addition to your produce. 

Here are the best organic farmer's markets in Perth.  

Subiaco Farmer’s Market

Subiaco Primary School - 271 Bagot Road Subiaco
Saturday 8am to noon

Subiaco Farmers Market has a clear mission to provide  fresh, nutritional &  tasty food to the whole community on a regular weekly basis. They also have a role in educating children about fresh food, gardening and environmental sustainability.

Kalamunda Farmer’s Market

Central Mall, Kalamunda Nestobrae Lane & Central Ave
Sunday 8am to noon

This is a farmers, producers and artisan, gourmet food market in the hills of Perth. Taste the samples on offer, and meet other likeminded  wholesome people with a passion for fresh and local produce that is just bursting with flavour and nutrition.

Kyilla Community Farmer’s Market

Kyilla Park, Clieveden Street, North Perth
Saturday 8am to 11.30am

Fresh air and aromas of freshly brewed coffee make the perfect spot for stocking your kitchen with fresh organic fruit and vegetables. The market also has a range of fresh flowers, juices, baked goods and seafood.
In the heart of North Perth, this market caters for all the surrounding suburbs who just want to walk to shop locally.

Freo Growers Green Market

Bruce Lee Reserve Beaconsfield
Sunday 8am to noon

Get your weekly dose of fresh, locally-grown produce and unique handmade products at the Fremantle Farmers Market. Meet the farmers and makers behind your food, and join in on the community spirit of the market.

Mt Claremont Farmer’s Market

103 Alfred Road, Mount Claremont
Saturday 7.30am to 11.30am

The Market’s 55 stalls tempt patrons with sustainable produce and delicious, locally made products.  You can stock up on organic and heirloom vegetables and fresh herbs, just-picked fruits from the orchard, grass-fed beef, lamb and pork, free range chicken, freshly caught seafood, olive oils, unprocessed honey, farmstead cheeses, cultured butter, artisan breads and more!  The Market caters for people with special dietary requirements such as vegan, paleo, gluten free and dairy free. 

Swan River Community Markets

Riverside Dr & Barrack St, Perth
Saturday 8am to 1pm

Kick off the weekend with good coffee, good food and good times at Barrack Street Jetty, every Saturday morning.. Enjoy local made goods, fresh made produce and live music. Yoga lessons, free kids activities, animal farm, face painting and hula hooping.

Perth City Farm Organic Grower’s Market

1 City Farm Place, East Perth
8am to noon

Perth City Farm has a long history and was first established back in 1994. You can enjoy much more than the farmer's market on other days, but each Saturday the market sells its own produce and also more from other suppliers. Enjoy a stroll in the vegetable gardens, purchase some seasonal plants & seedlings or visit the café.

Poynter Farmers Market

39 Poynter Dr, Duncraig
Every second Saturday 9am to noon

Stop by for your fresh fruit and vegetables from local farmers, coffee and refreshments, Swan Valley flowers, organic meat, a range of baked goods and breads, cupcakes, olive oils and condiments.  The produce is locally sourced and shopping with them means that you are supporting the farmer or the artisan that produced the products. They have a variety of stalls featuring some of the best fruit and vegetables from local farms around, as well as organic farmers and grass-fed meat.

Palmyra Western Farmer’s Markets

60 McKimmie Rd, Palmyra 
Sunday 8am to noon

Absorb yourself in the vibrant community experience amongst great food and friends.​

Farm Fresh/Organic fruit and vegetables, coffee, freshly squeezed juice, Turkish Gozleme, Indian Curry,  Seafood, Honey, Pickles, Preserves, Organic bread, Pastries, Cupcakes, Eggs, Homemade Pasta, Breakfast burgers, Crepes, live musical entertainment, Flowers, Native seedlings and much more. 

The Farmer’s Market on Manning

George Burnett Park Corner Manning and, Elderfield Rd, Karawara
Saturday 7.30am to 12.30pm

Enjoy the freshest produce in a relaxing atmosphere with Farmers Market on Manning! Bring the family, bring your empty bags and stock up on farm fresh produce at bargain prices, while enjoying the fun and stress-free atmosphere that the outdoor market brings.

Enjoy local sourced fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh meat and fish, fresh flowers and lots more!


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