Allergies – An Updated View and Support

Allergies – An Updated View and Support

Posted 25 Apr '18

Do you feel bloated or get headaches when you eat certain foods?
Do you find yourself sneezing when a dog or cat comes near you?
Do you hate spring because of pollen in the air?

Yes? Then you can work on your wellness to reduce the intensity of your allergies. Other symptoms associated with food allergies may include hay fever, asthma, and  even eczema.

But why does it happen at all? These are supposedly harmless things, right?

Your body is thinking that these otherwise harmless things are a threat. And when that happens, the immune system starts releasing histamine, which then tries to get those allergens out of the body by any means necessary. That is when the itch come, and also the bloating and diarrhea, the runny nose. Some might even find themselves having trouble breathing as the throat becomes inflamed. In some cases, it could even lead to the life-threatening anaphylactic shock.

What could be causing my body to think that in the first place?

Several factors contributes to this kind of response. These factors include:

  • Inflammation inside the digestive tract
  • Damaged lining inside the digestive tract (IgA and IgG reactions), where small undigested food, bacteria, or toxins could get into the blood stream, thus causing inflammation in other parts of the body. This is also commonly called “leaky gut“.
  • Unbalanced microbiota within the gut, either low levels of good bacteria, or an overgrowth of bad ones.

What can I do to manage the symptoms or reactions?

There are a number of ways that you can do to help relieve the symptoms by restoring the balance of the immune system.

  • Avoid processed fats and sugar. They cause dysbiosis, which means that the microbiota within the gut are imbalanced. Also, excess calories get stored in the belly as fat.
  • Take quercetin and bromelains. These nutrients are potent antioxidants and help retrain the immune system. They also reduce the mucus and minimise congestion in the respiratory system.
  • Eat reishi and shiitake. These medicinal mushrooms neutralise allergens, and reduces wheezing and mucus production. They support the overall immune system.
  • Consider allergy reducing herbs like Albizia or ginger. These herbs have antihistamine and anti-inflammatory effects, relieving the symptoms of allergies.
  • Follow a prescribed diet, combined with dietary supplements that include nutrients that are essential in allergy management.Consult with a Practitioner about your unique treatment plan, and be able to pinpoint the cause for the allergy.

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