5 Reasons to Lose Weight

5 Reasons to Lose Weight

Posted 13 Sep '17

After winter comes summertime! Best time to begin shredding off those extra kilos. Not only will losing weight help one feel better and look better; it will be an improvement in one’s health. It has been shown by an abundant amount of scientific research that overweight or obese individuals have more health risks, and significantly decreased life expectancy. Just look at the Live lighter campaign which is supported by the heart foundation, cancer council and the Australian government!

Here are 5 major areas that are affected by an individual’s weight:

  1. Vital Organs

    All vital organs are affected when a person is overweight — their kidneys, liver, and most importantly, the heart, to name a few. Heart disease and high blood pressure is one of the leading causes of death, and are major causes of disability.

  2. Brain

    One of the risk factors of Alzheimer’s disease is obesity and the inflammation that comes with it. It is linked to problems with memory, overall brain function, and mood. Depression is also common in people who are overweight.

  3. Respiratory Function

    Being overweight also leads to decreased lung capacity. Respiratory problems arise, including sleep apnea, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), and asthma.

  4. Joints

    Those extra kilos put a lot of pressure on the joints, causing knee and foot pain. If ignored, the patient may end up requiring surgeries just to correct the damage. Another condition that being overweight can lead to is arthritis, because of the excess stress that the joints go through in each movement, increasing the inflammation.

  5. Other Health Risks

    Other health risks include diabetes, allergies, and cancer.

If those aren’t enough reasons to lose weight, then think of your family!


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