3 Top Tips To Build Energy

3 Top Tips To Build Energy

Posted 10 Sep '18

What do you do when energy seems to be too low and all you feel is sluggishness, fatigue, and exhaustion? There are three things that has been common ground to all cases, and these three things are the most common little hacks to get you back on your feet with renewed energy in a jiffy.

1. Increase your protein intake.

Protein is often thought of only as a means to build muscles. However, it does a lot more than that. It helps regulate the metabolism, and keep your mood in balance, to name a few. What is uncommonly known is that protein also helps regulate energy levels. When the body is not getting its required proteins, its processes slow down resulting to fatigue, brain fog, mood swings, and weight gain.

Increase your protein intake by starting with a protein-rich breakfast such as eggs, meat, chickpeas or seeds are just some of the foods rich in protein. Aim for around the size of your palm thickness and size for each meal.

2. Get sufficient sleep

When you are rushing about constantly, getting tired on a regular basis, your adrenals burn out and cortisol levels become unbalanced, furthermore causing you to have trouble sleeping when you have to. When this happens, it becomes a vicious cycle of not getting enough sleep and being tired even more. Add to that the fact that when sleep is insufficient, your appetite hormones are also affected. It causes a decrease in leptin, which suppresses appetite, and increases ghrelin, which, on the other hand, stimulates your appetite. Yes, as you may have already guessed, it makes you crave and make poor food choices, making you reach for easy sugary fixes.

3. Stop relying on caffeine and carbs to boost your energy

Do you find yourself grabbing a cup of coffee or reaching for a cookie or chocolate just to get that quick energy boost? The surge in energy levels caused by sugar — common in carbs — and coffee is but temporary, and lasts only a short time. About an hour, to be specific. Once this energy spike runs out, you will only go back to your exhausted and tired state.The best way to make sure your energy levels are constant, prepare healthy snacks ahead for when you feel the urge to munch. Raw unsalted nuts and seeds, veggie sticks, hard boiled eggs, and fresh vege juice blends are good go-to energy snacks.

Must you drink coffee, limit it to one cup a day, and avoid it after 2 in the afternoon so that you are ensured of proper rest later in the day. Peppermint, green, ginseng, dandelion, licorice, ginger, chamomile, and rosehip teas are good alternatives for coffee.

To wrap things up, what you should do to get your energy levels up is to take more protein, resist the urge to eat sugary snacks and coffee, and get your much needed sleep. Need even further help to boost your energy? Make a consult right now and get started.


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