10 Ways To Reduce Constipation Without Prescription

10 Ways To Reduce Constipation Without Prescription

Posted 27 Oct '16

Has emptying your bowels become too much of a struggle? Or did you just notice that your bowel movements have become less often than normal? You must be constipated. Constipation has several different causes. It could be just an acute condition, or a symptom to another digestive condition. If you find yourself feeling constipated, you can take or do the following natural remedies:

  1. Probiotics
    The good bacteria that lives in your gut could be imbalanced. Probiotics can treat this imbalance and reduce constipation. One good source of probiotics is fermented food such as kefir or kimchi.
  2. Strong Chamomile tea
    Being an antispasmodic herb, chamomile has been known to minimise stomach cramping and muscle spasms plus it is actually quite bitter which can stimulate the digestive secretions to help digestion.
  3. Fish oil (high EPA content)
    Omega-3 fatty acids can be found in a variety of oily fish. Fish oil is also available in capsules which can be standardised to contain a higher amount of EPA and the environmental toxins such as mercury can be removed.
  4. Schisandra
    Schisandra is a Chinese herb which can help the liver work well, producing more bile for protein and fat digestion. Thus, it can help relieve bloating, and also weight gain. It is available either as a supplement, or as a liquid herbal medicine.
  5. Zinc
    Zinc is essential for stomach acid production in addition to a long list of digestive functions. Often constipation can be due to a lack of acid which helps the movement of food down the tract. Generally speaking if a patient suffers from reflux or is taking an antacid medication, they actually need more acid.
  6. Slippery elm
    Known to be a soothing herb, it has been used for centuries to treat digestive problems by coating the digestive tract with mucilage, thereby helping to lubricate the digestive tract.
  7. Acupuncture
    This Chinese treatment is one of the oldest and most trusted method of treating several health problems, even relaxing the muscles and relieving stress, depending on where the needles are placed. Constipation is one of the health conditions that it can help manage.
  8. Meditation
    The mental state greatly affects the overall physical health. Through meditation, the body can achieve calm, eliminating thoughts that may be toxic to health. Once every morning and night is ideal.
  9. Yoga
    Yoga has been increasing its popularity as beneficial to one’s health. Many poses support digestive health, and the gentle flowing motion can massage the internal organs and restore balance.
  10. Changing your diet
    The most common factor of constipation is diet. What and how much you eat is crucial to your digestive health. Keep a food diary, and take note of how you feel every after meal and snack. Notice the type of food, their contents, and if eliminating part of the diet will keep constipation at bay or trigger these episodes even more.

If you are still struggling to get your bowels in order, get in touch. Further investigation into bacterial dysbiosis, parasitic infection or nutritional deficiencies might be other areas which need some help.


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