Giving Back

We've Got Big Goals

By being a patient at Cura, you are automatically part of the Cura family and are part of the global giving projects that support health, wellness and empowerment. So a big thank you to our patients!

We especially support projects which support the wellness of children and families. Let’s face it, if we build the health and well-being of children before disease starts, we can set them up for a healthier future. It will be a win-win and the future will be brighter!

When you empower and educate children around the globe and teach the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle, this too can ripple throughout their life ahead.

Prevention is better than cure, right?

We've Almost Reach Our Giving Goals

We are committed to making the world a better place for everyone. 

And thank you for your help in lifting health and wellness for everyone!



Giving – Seeds for nutrition and plants for food

Imagine being a child in Africa whose stomach is bloated from malnutrition or only being able to eat one meal of maize porridge on a good day. Many impoverished children suffer from diseases of malnutrition and lack the access to nutritious food. Make an impact by giving parents one day’s supply of seeds to grow healthy crops, so that they can feed and sustain their children.

ABOUT– For over 25 years, Global Concern has been providing opportunities for disadvantaged communities to create for themselves a better way of life through education, health care, vocational training and micro enterprise. Our income creation systems empower people to escape from poverty and gain economic independence. Global Concern is transparent, lean and efficient and our workers are motivated by genuine love and concern.


Giving – goats for HIV-free milk and financial income!

– Founded in 1988 by the late Robert Hoey, World Youth International (WYI) is one of Australia’s leading not-for-profit international development organisations. WYI provides many Overseas Programs allowing people give back in effective and meaningful ways while working with local leaders in developing countries to create a real sustainable change.

MISSION – We are committed to: 1. Creating innovative and exciting opportunities for people to live life passionately and contribute to the global community. 2. Enhancing quality of life, strengthening communities and reducing poverty through sustainable development.


Giving – Clean water, Vitamin A for pregnant women, providing nutritional support

ABOUT– Enable the long term development of deprived areas providing the basic needs of life: clean water and decent level of nutrition, basic health care and sustainable agriculture

MISSION – Enable the long term development of deprived areas providing the basic needs of life: clean water and decent level of nutrition, basic health care and sustainable agriculture.   

Buy One Give One (B1G1)

Cura Medicine is a certified giving business with B1G1 and with the help of our patients we have given to a range of health charities around the world with contributions growing each day. We help a range of causes, including parasite treatment to children in India, vitamin supplements to pregnant women in Africa and clean drinking water in Africa.

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