• infertility
  • recurrent miscarriages
  • hormonal acne
  • painful periods
  • cancer oestrogens and comparative testing

A wide variety of investigative testing

  • Female and Male hormone tests
  • Stress and sleep hormones
  • Single hormones
  • Multiple hormones and full month

Are you overwhelmed? Stressed?

Do you feel hormone testing could help you understand your health better?

Want to broaden your support with a truly holistic approach to looking after your health? 


The Cura clinic has a special interest in many women’s health conditions with a solid understanding of the whole body, evidence-based nutritional medicine and holistic medicine. Click the main menu to navigate to each health topic or make an appointment now.

Common Conditions seen at Cura

Commonly women exhaust traditional, orthodox medicine paths. Patients often have seen gynecologists, gastroenterologists and other specialist practitioners, only to find the condition to remain unexplained.

Chronic, difficult to treat cases are commonly helped at Cura Integrative Medicine.
Conditions such as: