Natural Tools For Covid, Vaccinations and Immunity

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Why Would You Purchase This Course?

A common question I have been getting lately with the approaching vaccine mandates has been, "What can I do to protect myself?" or "What can I do to detox from the covid vaccination?"
I also get the question, "What can I do to build up my immune system?"
or "What can I do to minimise the symptoms if I get covid?".

Well, here it is! The content answers these questions from a functional medicine/naturopath or natural medicine approach.

This is the "Loud and Clear" series for the "alternative methods" according to the global functional medicine approach. (Please see important disclaimer at bottom of page)

What will I learn in this Series?

Once you purchase the series, you will receive an email with a video, PDF reference material, links and other learning material.
You will receive an email a day for 5 days. The reason it is spaced out is to be sure not to overwhelm you. 
We will work through all of the most important, straight-to-the-point things to do.

Day 1- Foundation Dos and Don'ts

  • Foundations of what we are attempting to achieve
  • What do the experts say?
  • What are the natural medicine methods to stay strong?
  • What are the naturopath methods to detox?
  • A prescription will be set up within 24-48 hours so you can access the best core herbal medicine and nutrition supplements so you can get them sent to you.
  • You will be given good supplements to buy at the local supermarket or local health food shop also.
  • You will be given links to further reading to expand on the topic

Day 2- Diet

  • A look at your diet and what to bring in to it
  • What are things in your market that you can start eating to boost your immune system
  • What are the most important things you can do to protect your body?
  • What are the things to avoid?

Day 3- Herbal Medicines

  • What can you get from your local supermarket, health food shop or chemist?
  • Why would you take these herbal medicines?
  • Which ones will do what for you?
  • You will get a prescription to order the highest quality formulations online if you wish

Day 4 - Nutritional Supplementation

  • What are the most helpful nutritional supplementations?
  • What are the safe dosages for adults and children?
  • Are there any that you should be careful of or might interact with your pharmaceuticals.
  • You will also get a prescription to order the highest quality formulations online if you wish

Day 5 - Blood tests and other test Recommendations

  • What tests can you do with your doctor to check your health is optimal?
  • Are there any tests to check you are in the best of health before getting the vaccination?

What You Won't Learn?

You won't be told to have the vaccination or not. It is your choice and complete respect to you for whatever you choose.
The information contained in the series will follow naturopathic philosophies to support immunity, respiratory health, detox methods and foundational philosophies to stay well naturally.

Disclaimer - In Australia the government has various government agencies to protect us/you from harm. We are not making a claim that you will cure yourself or avoid infection by following the information contained in the series.
Currently the Australian TGA and AMA state the experimental covid vaccinations are"safe and effective" and the only treatment for SARS cov-2 disease.
According toe Greg Hunt, the current experiments will end in 2023, however we must always listen to our wonderful government who state it is already safe and effective! They give us the advice we need and trust!
This information within this series is a supplementary commentary only to the Australian government advice and does not state to cure or substitute the government advice.
Remember, always follow the advice of your GP (who has a legal order from the government and associations to follow the only advice that vaccinations are safe and effective). 

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