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Autoimmune Recovery

$99.00 AUD
Approx $71.38 USD


If you have been diagnosed with an Autoimmune condition such as Hashimoto's disease, Lupus, Type 1 diabetes or Rhematoid arthritis - this one is for you.

What are you going to learn and get by starting this course?

1) The common link which is considered the underlying trigger to autoimmune conditions.

2) What are the most important diet changes to make to help you stabilise your condition?

3) Which functional medicine tests could you do to help you speed up recovery? 

4) You will get functional medicine referrals too if you want to get further testing.
The test results will get sent straight to you so you are in control.

5) Which herbs and Australia formulations which can help you on your recovery?

6) Which nutritionals and Australian formulations which can help you on your recovery?

7) PDF reference material and printable pages to print to help with diet and further understanding.

8) FIVE videos delivered to your email inbox over 5 days giving you the plan to recovery.

9) Reference material to help you build your ongoing support. Life will get busy but we want you to stay on track for long-term health

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