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There is so much information on natural therapies out there, and so many different practitioners too!  What and who can you trust?  Will your practitioner be really well informed and experienced? Will they really be committed to your health?

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We have had great advice and help from Shannon over the last 6-8 months. We will continue to use Cura to keep moving forward to a healthy happier family life. I would recommend Cura for anyone looking to try and fix a health issue or just optimize there health. Thank you Shannon and see you again soon 🙂
04:18 16 Mar 18
I have been working on my health with Shannon for a year and a half now. If I had stayed on the conventional medicine path, I would be in a grave state. When I arrived in Shannon’s care, I had a plethora of health issues that slowly were addressed over the course of time. In fact, I am continuing to get better. The thing about naturopathy is that it is not a quick fix. It takes time and commitment to change. Shannon guides you on the wholistic journey to wellness educating you every step of the way. I am eternally grateful to Shannon for the care and guidance he has given myself and my family and unconditionally recommend him to you and your family. Be well...
13:31 26 Mar 18
Shannon has helped me immensely during a difficult health journey. As i result of it, my family and myself have adopted a healthier lifestyle. Shannon is so knowledgeable and friendly. I would give him more starts but 5 is the limit. I highly recommend him to anyone willing to live a healthier lifestyle far from frequent visits to doctors.
Graciela Gibson
Graciela Gibson
14:50 31 Aug 17
Shannon became my Naturopath less than 2 months ago and so far the results and positive impacts on my health have been remarkable. Shannon is a strong believer in isolating the root cause of all health issues and address them in a holistic fashion. In the short time that I've been his patient, my energy levels have gone up significantly and I'm feeling much healthier overall with a much more positive outlook on my journey to good health. I would recommend Cura Integrative Medicine to anyone looking to improve on their health; Shannon is a caring health professional who is truly motivated by the positive results experienced by his patients.
SJ Maillet
SJ Maillet
00:45 29 Mar 17
Amazing!! Passionate Naturopath! Highly recommended going to see Shannon. In the few short months I've been seeing Shannon I am amazed by the difference I've felt in myself. Putting up with the frustration of exhaustion, no energy and constant brain fog, despite living a healthy lifestyle was taking its toll. Shannon Devised a treatment plan that has My energy levels through the roof and my brain functioning again! Shannons professionalism and knowledge is A1 his calm friendly demeanor makes every session a relaxed comfortable experience, the Herbal Tea on arrival is a lovely touch 😉
Emily Borg
Emily Borg
01:47 19 Jul 17
I’ve just started going to Cura but so far my thoughts are:- Shannon is very knowledgeable, approachable and understanding. A caring practitioner.- Shannon quickly identified some deficiencies and worked with me to come up with a remediation plan- I definitely feel better even just weeks into our treatment plan.I recommend. Time will tell if this rating becomes 5 stars!!
Wayne Harlon
Wayne Harlon
01:42 04 Aug 18
Shannon was great, he really cares and you can feel his passion for what he does. Our son had hearing issues due to middle ear fluid and Shannon explained things really well to us. He gave us a really helpful breakdown of how we could best help him recover as well as giving us some herbs and supplements to support his recovery. Thanks Shannon!
Tony Fitzgerald
Tony Fitzgerald
05:16 02 Jan 19
I found Sarah to be both professional and thorough.I am looking forward to continuing my wellness journey with her.I felt supported and understood.I would definitely recommend her.
jill jeffers
jill jeffers
07:26 18 Jan 19

Meet Your New Best Friends, Our Natural Gurus.

Shannon Burford
Shannon BurfordNaturopath | Herbalist | Nutritionist
Shannon helps a lot of patients who have complex cases.

Often he hears patients say, “Why didn’t I come to see you years ago!”

He is keen to thoroughly test with functional pathology to aim to identify the underlying causes and speed up healing with targeted treatment. This is mostly because of his keen interest in science and drive to understand how things work.

Men’s Health 100%
Cancer Support 100%
Functional Testing 100%
Mood Disorders 100%
Sarah Firnberg
Sarah FirnbergMedical Herbalist, Nutritional and Functional Medicine – BSc (Med Herb), Advanced dip Nut. AFMCP (Functional Medicine)
Sarah loves exploring your fascinating and wide ranging symptoms so she can discover your underlying disease drivers, and begin to reverse them as effectively as possible

Well, none of us will ever know everything, but after many years of university education and more importantly, 13 years of practice, during which I have worked with many hundreds of people, I’ve learnt a thing or two.

Women’s Health 100%
Hormone Disorders 100%
Weight Challenges 100%
Super Ageing 100%

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