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Do you find it hard to lose weight?

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In the recent years, genetic testing has proven itself to be a very valuable tool in helping find and separate certain health threats and/or possible disease waiting in your genes. Even more recently, there has been a greater focus on nutrition, genes and commonly methylation issues such as the MTHFR gene mutations.

Nutrigenomics or Nutrigenetics is the study of how our genes and nutrients in foods interact. For decades we have studied how pharmacology interplays with different individuals, but in recent years there has been a increasing focus on nutrients as well.

Nutrigenomics has taken a big leap in the past few years. Now genetic testing is more available and better understood.  It is no longer part of the future and it is available to you.  Our understanding has grown exponentially and the technology has moved with it to support the evidence.
Nutritional genomics allows practitioners to manipulate gene-diet interactions to maximise wellness and minimise disease. Would you like to get started now? Buy a kit now to unlock your disease risks.


Why Use Nutrigenomics Testing?

  • Understand and see your potential genetic weaknesses. Use this for preventative strategies to limit future diseases
  • Get a personalised dietary program designed especially for you and your genes
  • identify how your body works, uses nutrients and why you might easily gain weight
  • understanding your specific dietary and exercise needs
  • identify MTHFR mutations and methylation mutations
  • identify how well your body can detoxify and your individual tolerance of substances such as caffeine and alcohol
  • identify how your body responds to inflammation, which is related to various chronic diseases
  • identify your risk of osteopenia / osteoporosis and what your body needs to prevent it

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What is Tested in the Nutrigenetics DNA Test?

  • Weight loss profile – learn why you are the shape you are and how to maximise weight loss
  • Exercise profile – what exercise is best for your body
  • Cholesterol profile – optimise your diet to limit dangerous levels of cholesterol and heart disease
  • High blood pressure risk – helps you manage blood pressure
  • Methylation cycle – MTHFR gene mutations and other
  • Liver detoxification – understand how well your liver processes toxins and substances such as caffeine, medications, heavy metals, hormones
  • Anti-aging profile– to help you minimise negative effects of aging
  • Inflammation profile – how to reduce pain and inflammation
  • Diabetes profile – know your risk level and how to prevent the onset of diabetes
  • Bone health – risk/prevention of osteoporosis
  • Oestrogenic profile – your ability to deal with oestrogens
  • Lactose intolerance risk
  • Nutrigenomic (gene appropriate diet) profile – what nutrients and diet is best for your genes

Genetic Testing Laboratories

There are a lot of blood testing laboratories around the world where they allow their customers to just send a sample of their own DNA by express delivery for them to carry out the necessary tests so they can produce the outcome of their performed tests. Obtaining a genetic sample from an individual can be done by swabbing the inside of their cheek, and this is also the most common procedure.

A swab kit will be provided by the genetic sampling company for this procedure and then you will be required to send it back to the company. The method that you will need to experience is extremely simple and it is entirely painless.

The Cura clinic uses a DNA salivary test that patients can perform at their own home. The results are sent to both the patient and practitioner for tailoring a specific dietary plan for the optimal health and wellbeing. Get your test kit now.


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Essential Fatty Acids Profile

Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are vital for humans, as they are found in every cell.  For this reason, these make up an important part of the genetic test report. Did you know that around twenty percent of a brain is made up of DHA oil which is an EFA?

Often individuals have altered pathways for utilisation of EFAs, which can affect their skin, hair, brain function and almost every cell in growth of the body. Generally speaking they have a higher requirement of EFAs.

The two most common types of EFAs are omega 3 and omega 6.  The body cannot make these so they must be obtained from a dietary source.  If the diet is low in EFAs, psychological problems such as Rett’s syndrome, depression, and bipolar disorder may result.  Studies, for example, have shown that children with autism and ADHD have less omega 3 fatty acids than the normal population.  Thus it is recommended that children eat fish that are high in EFAs such as salmon, or take a supplement of fish oil.

For further information on Epigenetic and Nutrigenomics DNA testing, please contact the clinic.