Cura Clinic Vision

Giving Naturopath Perth

Our vision is clear and constantly evolving! 

Currently we are on track to help another 3 million people before 2023 globally with their wellness, improving their health naturally.

By helping a further 3 million people, they can then help their families and friends further and improve the health and wellness of a further 3 million people.

This health initiative will be achieved through direct consultations with patients, online education and global charity giving through B1G1 which involves giving health through fresh water well building projects, deworming programs, pregnancy health programs and other global food charity projects.

I know many people could live a better life with more natural medicine in their lives.
Better health for some means more energy, focus and happiness. For others, it may mean minimising suffering from disease such as cancer or other chronic illness and making day-to-day activities easier, with less pain.

I invite you to join the Cura tribe and help move the Cura vision forward.

I have always had a rebellious spirit and determined objective to give patients long lasting wellness. I embrace the simplicity of nature and is harmonious with the earth’s greatness. This believe is woven throughout the interactions I have with patients and treatment to support wellness.

In everything I do, I strive to work with integrity, heart, a family spirit, deep care and with compassion to make a positive difference in everyone I meet!

It is why I get up in the morning – it is my driving force.

My passion and love for what I do fuels everything I do!

My Vision for the Cura clinic is to create better wellness for everyone that I meet and can assist. The clinic offers a wide range of personalised treatment approaches to suit everyone from newborn babies to elderly. Everyone is an individual and support for each individual is tailored appropriately.

Whether a patient needs guidance with food as medicine, prefers capsules to liquid herbs or would like guidance with functional pathology testing, the clinic can offer personalised support.


Cura Integrative Medicine works towards a world where children and parents grow older with optimal wellness and less suffering by maintaining optimal nutrition. Through education, people have a deeper knowledge that natural medicine can assist the body to heal naturally and remain well.


This passion drives us to provide our patients with a unique and extraordinary experience and services that will help transform their health on all levels. Whether it is a consult for an acute illness or something you have had for a long time, we are here to create value for you, simplify the process, and to have a little fun along the way. Yes…we said fun!

It is easy for us to have fun because we love wellness (honestly – we’re not kidding).

We understand that not everyone understands wellness as much as us so we are here to help YOU. With the application of years of accumulated nutrition, diet and healthy lifestyle knowledge, our affiliation with the leading functional pathology laboratories, and clever use of traditional medicine, you will receive the holistic healthcare you need to maximise your wellness.