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Why Online Self-Health Consults?

From the beginning of 2020 when the Covid situation hit a lot of things have transitions online for safety.

During this time, I realised with people losing their jobs too, this would be an excellent way to still help patients in a more cost effective way.

Nothing beats a face-to-face, personalised consult, but I made these cost effective courses to help more patients heal. There are a number of reasons why these might suit you and these are just some-

  1. They are extremely good value. An initial consultation is one segment of time and often patients will come back for multiple consults
  2. You can watch the videos multiple times in your own home. If you are a busy man or woman, you can work through them in your own time.
  3. You don't need to travel to the clinic. I come to you through your phone, tablet or computer

Ready to get started?

Visit the courses page and browse through the current health conditions that you need help with.
Check it is a good fit for you, and then purchase it. 
Emails will start coming into your inbox with all the help you need over several days (as to not overwhelm you in one dump!).

If you feel a face-to-face consult is better suited for your complex case or you just prefer me to do it all for you, schedule an initial consult via the booking page. Your plan will be more in depth and focused specifically on your individual situation.

Get Instant Health Help NOW Get Instant Health Help NOW

What the Courses Do Not Cover

After you purchase a course you will be able to watch videos specific to the health topic. I break them into relatively short videos so each section can be covered without overwhelming you. Also I know your tme is valuable, so I know to not take up too much time and get straight to the "how to recover" bits.

These course unfortunately do not cover specific questions about your case.
They also don't give you time to go over blood test results or functional medicine tests that you might do. I refer you for any tests you might need relative to your course, but I am unable to comment on the findings.

Thankfully most tests come with explanations from the labs and with a little research or internet searching you are most likely to find the answers.

I am confident even if you schedule one face-o-face consult at the end of your course, it still will be extremely great value for you.

I look forward to helping you get your health back!

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