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Natural Treatment for Ear Infections

Recurrent Ear Infections and Natural Medicines


Acute otitis media (ear infection) is a bacterial or viral infection of the middle ear and causes pain which can be extremely irritating for young babies or children.

Acute otitis media results from infection by viruses or bacteria, often as a complication of the common cold or of allergies. Acute otitis media is more common among children than adults. Symptoms and treatment are similar in adults and children, however it may be harder to identify in younger babies who are not able to communicate their symptoms.

The infected ear is painful, with a red, bulging eardrum which can only been seen with an examination in the ear. Most people with acute otitis media get better without treatment and the symptoms often pass within 48 hours. Some doctors treat all people with antibiotics, such as amoxicillin to avoid complications.

If a person has severe or persistent pain and fever, and the eardrum is bulging, a doctor may recommend a small cut in the ear drum which is known as a myringotomy. People who have repeated bouts of otitis media may need to have drainage tubes grommits (tympanostomy tubes) placed in their eardrums.

Natural Remedies for Ear Infections

Naturopaths will treat a patient with an ear infection with herbal medicine, homeopathy, nutritional supplementation, lifestyle advice and dietary advice. The main goals of a naturopath are to:

  • reduce pain
  • encourage drainage of the tubes
  • Strenghten the immune system to reduce future occurences of infection
  • Identify underlying causes of the ear infection such as food allergies
  • prevent complications

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