Children's health

Have you got sick kids and worried about their ability to get better quickly?

Would you prefer to use a natural or holistic way to get them well?

Is your child or baby suffering with Eczema? Would you like to know about what a diet for eczema can do?

 Contact the clinic now or make an appointment to discuss you kids health situation with a naturopath. The clinic guides children from newborns to teenagers -typically boosting growth, digestive function and assisting the natural ability of the body to function correctly, naturally.
The Cura clinic has a special interest in these children’s health conditions. Shannon, the director has 2 children of his own and understands the need to keep the whole family healthy. We combine investigative pathology testing with stool, urine, hair and sometimes blood tests to help tailor a support plan for children. Then personalises a care plan with herbal and nutritional medicine for commonly supported conditions such as coughs and eczema in children.