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Heavy Metal Toxicity Test Options
Adrenal Fatigue

Heavy Metal Toxicity test options

The first step If you suspect you have been exposed to heavy metals or have heavy metal toxicity, get a test to see where you stand. The Cura clinic recommends starting with a Mediscan hair mineral analysis. A hair analysis can determine which heavy metals are overloading your body and measure the levels of each toxic metal as illustrated in

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a dream you for 2016

A Dream You for 2016

A new year has begun. What is your new years’ resolution? Is it financial? Starting an investment? Is it on family matters? Reach out to mum and dad, to have a closer and more beautiful relationship with them? Or, does it concern health? As many of us would often promise ourselves, especially as the new year kicks in, aim to lose

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anti-aging with natural medicine

Anti-Aging with Natural Medicine

Are you forgetting names, your keys, flexibility and movement are getting difficult? Picking out on grey hair recently? – Are these signs of aging? Yes, its natural and it isn’t a disease.  Once we reach our 30’s we find for the highs and lows of fountain of youth. Over the phase of aging the chances of diagnosing degenerative conditions increases.

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