Soil Probiotics: Is It Safe?

The use of probiotics has gained popularity over the last few years, for its benefits to the body's immune health. Probiotics help balance the microbiome within the guts and an imbalance of which would cause several digestive discomforts. There are however probiotics being taken right from the soil. These soil-based organisms may belong to the same category as those that are found within digestive tracts in humans, but these are just not the same type. Simply put, they are found in soil, and not [...]

What does Poo tell you about your health?

Your toilet habits say a lot about your health as a whole. The duration that you are on the toilet, the consistency of your poo, whether you strain to let it all out, or it's too runny, any accompanying pain, bloating and gas... They all say whether you may have a functional gut disorder or not. As your body's way of flushing out the rubbish from within your body, it is crucial that your digestive health is kept in tip top shape. Your health depends on it! The frequency of your bowel movement in [...]

Elevating Energy Naturally

It is quite normal to feel tired or to experience fatigue throughout our lives when we experience periods of stress. There would be days where you would be working for extended hours, and nights that may even be sleepless with worry. A major project at work, finishing a thesis at the uni, preparing a party for a big celebration, excited for a baby on the way... You will most likely feel burned out after the chaos, maybe even while in the middle of it. Low energy can creep up to you and when it s [...]

Supercharged Energy Keys

Are your energy levels not what they should be? Are you feeling dips in energy and struggling to keep up with your friends, family or colleagues?  You might have had some basic tests at your doctor and "found nothing" or "everything is in normal range". As the day goes, your energy gets spent and it can begin to wane. You might find yourself mentally burned out. You might have started to lose your libido too. Had your habits and lifestyle been healthy, you would not feel too easily discharged. Y [...]

Maximising Men’s Fertility

When trying to conceive, couples tend to focus only on the woman's health, overlooking the man's. When the man's health is below optimal state, it has a negative impact on the whole fertility. Poor diet, and poor lifestyle choices both change the genes that get passed on. This may have lasting damaging effects on the offspring's health. Not only will improving the father-to-be's health cause him feel better overall, but it will affect the baby's well-being as well. Poor lifestyle = Poor Sperm He [...]

Resolving Inflammation to Overcome Chronic Disease

Chronic disease cases have been on a rise recently. In fact, half of the Australian population is diagnosed with one. In other countries, it has reached epidemic levels. Chronic inflammatory diseases can occur throughout the body, affecting most of its systems. Asthma, allergies, obesity, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, cancer, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, ulcerative colitis and coeliac disease are just some of the most common types. There is one [...]

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