The Role of Magnesium Against Stress and Depression

Magnesium is in every cell of the human body. In fact, it comes fourth as the most abundant mineral and plays roles in more than 300 activities, both within physically and mentally. One of these is regulating neurotransmitters in the nervous system. Deficiency in magnesium might not be common, but intake of which is often below the RDI, or the recommended daily intake. It has been found out by the 2011-12 Australian Health Survey that one in three adults do not meet the required intake. Magnesiu [...]

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Detoxing from a Toxic World

All too often, we are exposed to heavy metals, and heavy metal toxicity poses a great threat to health. It can lead to serious health conditions as they damage organs and most are permanent and debilitating, if left untreated. Sadly, we can get these toxins through the food that we eat. Commonly Affected Systems from Heavy Metals Heavy metal toxins may damage these systems in the body: Central nervous system Gastrointestinal system Cardiovascular system Endocrine glands Liver Kidneys Lungs Bones [...]

Modern Weight Loss: 15 Methods That Work

Looking around on the internet, a lot of myths have popped up regarding weight loss. People often end up doing insane things that mostly don't have evidence supporting the claim. Stop wasting time and check out these 15 scientifically proven strategies, and not myths, in order to lose weight: Intermittent fasting. This is an eating pattern wherein you cycle between periods of fasting and eating, and is as effective as calorie restriction. Lay off on added sugar. Modern diet consists of way too m [...]

Weight Loss With The Right Gut Flora

Do you have trouble maintaining your weight at a healthy level? Does your weight keep increasing? You're not alone. Rebound weight is pretty common for those who have tried to lose it and as we enter into the 2019 Summer, you are probably wondering about how you can trim off some kilos for the Australian summer. Not only is it an aesthetic concern, but being overweight is linked to a wide range of health conditions especially high blood pressure and/or cholesterol, imbalances in blood sugar mood [...]

Zinc Improves Sleep Quality

Having trouble catching those z's at night? Is your insomnia impacting your work and day-to-day activities? Sleep loss, insomnia, and other sleep disorders are linked to poorer performance, reduced alertness and ability to process information, and poorer decision-making capabilities during the day. When your circadian rhythm is disrupted, your sleep is impaired. How Would a nutritionist Help? A nutritionist would speed up a recovery with some nutritional supplement support. With regards to insom [...]

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Speedy Weight Loss Secrets

Obesity is definitely on the rise in Australia. Two out of three adults, and one out of 4 children and adolescents in Australia were classified as either being overweight or obese in 2015. Aside from the increased risks in heart health, often, those who suffer from excess weight experience self esteem issues and it is affecting their quality of living. But it's never too late to turn things around. Healthy weight can still be attained with the correct guidance and support. Why is weight loss imp [...]

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