Detox Essentials In the 21st Century

Having digestive issues such as bloating, pain, gas, and constipation, or problems with hormones, weight, and sluggishness could only mean one thing -- You need to detox! Detoxification not only increases your energy, but it also dramatically improves digestion, hormonal balance, weight issues, aches, and general healthy mood. A detoxification program would just be what you need to improve your health. Where do you get toxins? Toxins are everywhere and we get exposed to it daily. Though some are [...]

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Do You Need A Detox?

The body undertakes a process called detoxification to eliminate toxins and be able to maintain a healthy balance of all its functions. It does this all day, and all night, working around the clock. We are constantly exposed to toxins that naturally occur within the body, and toxins from our surroundings. Humans have evolved to be able to withstand changes around us; but what happens when harmful toxins are evolving in a much quicker pace than we do, what with our fast developing modern world. W [...]

Iodine Deficiency in Pregnancy

One mineral that is important to our health is Iodine and one major area of the body it is used in is the thyroid.  The thyroid hormones are responsible for growth and development of the body to be balanced. Furthermore an adequate amount is required for the fetal brain's neuro-development, which starts during the second half of the first trimester, wherein its thyroid starts the production of the hormones. Sadly, majority of our population, young or old, male or female, are found to be deficien [...]

Looking After Your Immunity in Winter

Has winter become synonymous with sick days for you and your family? Stuck in bed, with the sniffles and some tissues piling up beside you. Cough and fever on their way to join your colds and set up camp in you and join you as you lay wrapped up in a blanket. These, instead of being able to do your daily tasks normally, or planning a trip with the family for some fun, maybe do a few winter sports. What if you could avoid getting sick in the first place? You don't have to wait until illness sets [...]

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Iodine Myths for Thyroid Health

Most of us are afraid of something causing harm to us like having too much salt or iodine. We may have been regarding it to be harmful, and consequently, should be avoided. Iodised salt, in particular. There are two myths on iodine that have been going around that is causing all these panic. Myth #1: You can get sufficient iodine from iodised salt This is a common notion among most endocrinologists and GPs. Salt that has been iodised has been regarded as the first health miracle. It is, however, [...]

Thyroid – The Master of Metabolism

The thyroid is the gland that is shaped like a butterfly in front of the neck. It secretes two hormones that are responsible for the metabolic processes for the whole body -- the thyroxine (T4) and the triiodothyronine (T3). The heart, lungs, digestion, and cells are all commanded by the thyroid to do their job well. A tiny gland for such a huge role could easily get thrown out of balance, affected by numerous factors, and consequently, causing chaos to overall health. Thyroid conditions: There [...]