Philosophy of Cura Integrative Medicine

The Cura Natural Medicine Clinic in Perth has a strong vision and is determined to weave it throughout the day to day activities.

Cura Vision

To educate and promote natural therapies for health, wellness and healing for children and families.

Cura Mission

To educate and positively improve the health and wellness of 3 million individuals globally by 2020 with help from natural resources such as herbal medicine and nutrition.

Cura Values

Natural wisdom – We all have an inner natural wisdom to heal
Empathy – Everyone has a story that must be listened to and felt
Generosity – Giving, giving and more giving
Unconventional – Let’s think outside the box to improve health
Nurturing – Nourish the body and spirit with food, herbs and nutrition
Empowering – Educate the patient to take control of your own health
Everybody is Human and has a story – Let’s work together to work out your full story
Compassion – Listen and treat patients from the heart
Respect – Age, sexual gender, race, choice or religion. Everyone deserves respect

Why the Cura Clinic?

Shannon has over 8 years of university education in science, herbal medicine, naturopathy and nutrition. He is currently studying his Masters in Evidence-based Complementary Medicine. He believes in evidence-based holistic care and ensures he is always current with the latest research in alternative medicine care.

Here are some of the continued education Shannon has completed over the past few years-

  • 2010 Conference “Hormones, Mood and Menopause: Herbal Medicine Help” (Mediherb)
  • 2011 Conference “Allergies, Autism, ADHD and Obesity : Managing the Emerging Epidemics of Childhood”
  • 2011 Rob Santich “Herbs for Childhood Behaviour Disorders” (NHAA series)
  • 2011 Dr Jerome Sarris “Clinical Integrative Models to Treat Mood and Anxiety Disorders” (NHAA series)
  • 2011 – Two Day Workshop: Dr Igor Tabrizian “Heavy Metals and Hair Mineral Analysis Investigations”
  • 2012 Conference “Integrative Care and Support of Cancer Patients”
  • 2013 Dr Lynch – “MTHFR mutations: Cancer and Cardiovascular Risks”
  • 2014 Conference “Female Hormonal Disorders: Simple Strategies for Great Clinical Outcomes
  • 2014 OptimalRx “Pediatrics: Herbal Essentials”
  • 2014 Conference “Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and Pain Syndromes: New Solutions to Repair The Energy Network”
  • 2015 Conference “Pharmaceutical Drug and Herbal Interactions”
  • 2015 Seminar – Biomedica “Medical Oncology”
  • 2015 Conference – “Metagenics Cardiovascular advances”
  • 2016 Metagenics “Chronic Fatigue and Mitocondria function”
  • 2016 Daiwa Pharmaceutical / Sabinsa Corporation”International Oncology Support Summit”
  • 2017 Healthmasters “The Functional Diagnostics Masterclass”
  • 2017 Healthmasters “Digestive Disorders Masterclass”
  • 2017 Biomedica “Functional Pathology for Infections”
  • 2017 Healthmasters Masterclass “Digestive Disorders”
  • 2017 Healthmasters Masterclass “Men’s health and Testosterone deficiency conditions”
  • 2017 Biomedica “Liposomal Prescribing”
  • 2018 Healthmasters “Autoimmunity Masterclass”
  • 2018 Optimal Rx ” Functional Testing for Mental Health”
  • 2018 Healthmasters Live – “The Microbiome Masterclass”
  • 2018 Healthmasters Live – “Toxicology and Detoxification Masterclass”
  • 2018 Optimal Rx – Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  • 2019 Chronic infections and steath pathogens
  • 2019 International Congress on Natural Medicine – 2 day event Metagenics
  • 2019 Mould biotoxins and Functional medicine – Healthmasters
  • 2020 Covid-19 Updates x 3 – Healthmasters



Here we are in the news, radio, TV and magazines.

Channel 7 News - Perth - 2013

Talking on the negative effects of sugar on health and introducing a sugar tax for better Australian health. It would certainly help reduce the cost of health for Australians!

Today Tonight Sugar Tax

Good Health Magazine - April 2013

The Good health magazine wrote an article on epigenetics and weight loss. The article was a great 3 page spread on the Cura Integrative Medicine clinic and nutritional DNA testing.

Nutritional DNA Tests

2013 - Mum's Not Having Chemo (Book)

Laura Bond wrote a book over viewing her mum’s experience with cancer and natural therapies treatment.
Laura has put the clinic as a reference in the book for patients looking for further information.
Visit the Other page on Natural Cancer Treatments here.

Mum's Not Having Chemo

Offspring Wellness Magazine

We were also in the Offspring magazine with an article on naturopathic healthhair mineral analysis and children’s health.

MTHFR Gene Magazine Article

Five Double A Radio – 2014

Sugar Tax – Interview with Jeremy Cordeaux on the topic of sugar tax. Sugar added to food is contributing to diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity in Australia.

FiveAA Radio Interview

Western Australian Newspaper - 2017

Western Australian newspaper on Christmas and new year celebrations. Eating Right and looking after yourself.

Naturopath Perth Western Australian