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What can you do to bring back calm and destroy anxiety?
Adrenal Fatigue

Destroying Anxiety and Bringing Back Calm

Everyone experiences anxiety from time to time, it’s a natural response to stress! To most people, it could even be a motivator to push you to finish assignments and projects, but some people have it worse. Anxiety stirs up uncomfortable feelings when faced with even the simplest of everyday situations and is frustrating when it dominates day-to-day activities. It gets

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Mothers'-to-be nutrition status impacting future generations

Mothers’-To-Be Nutrition Status Impacting Future Generations

It is now a known fact that the mum’s health affects the unborn child’s health during and after deliver, continuing through the child’s life. It has been recently found, through a scientific study, that even before conception, if a woman is overweight, obese, or generally eats an unhealthy diet, high in fat and sugar, metabolic problems are certain to be

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Chemicals on Child Development

Chemicals Impacting Child Development

Many chemicals that are widely common, and easily available are endangering brain development in fetuses and children. Evidence is apparent, leading health practitioners, pediatricians, scientists, and health advocates to call out to everybody to be wary of the dangers they impose. These chemicals include, but are not limited to: Lead and mercury, which can be found in food, water, and

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