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Easy fermented beetroot for probiotics

Easy Fermented Beetroot For Probiotics

If you have seen me as a patient, I would have definitely talked to you about your digestive health and suggested to bring in some probiotics. The best form, of course, is dietary and there are a lot of types from different cultures around the world. Kimchi from Korea. Natto from Japan. And Kvass from eastern Europe. You don’t see

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Top 5 Health Retreats around Perth
Adrenal Fatigue

Top 5 Health Retreats Around Perth

Where there is peace and meditation, there is neither anxiety nor doubt. – St. Francis de Sales During these modern times, people are always in a rush, always occupied with work, with errands and chores, and of course, taking care of the family, especially the kids and the elderly.  It has been proven that everybody needs to take a break

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Heavy Metal Toxicity Test Options
Adrenal Fatigue

Heavy Metal Toxicity test options

The first step If you suspect you have been exposed to heavy metals or have heavy metal toxicity, get a test to see where you stand. The Cura clinic recommends starting with a Mediscan hair mineral analysis. A hair analysis can determine which heavy metals are overloading your body and measure the levels of each toxic metal as illustrated in

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Perth's top 15 must-visit organic hubs

Perth’s Top 15 Must Visit Organic Hubs

Many patients looking for the best organic suppliers ask me, “Where are the best organic cafes and shops?”. A naturopath’s foundation treatment really needs to pivot on a clean, nutrition dense diet, so here are my Top 15 list! Perth’s organic food scene is noticably picking up momentum (compared to Melbourne and Sydney anyhow!) so I’ve tried my best to

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