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7 essential natural tips to overcome constipation

7 Essential Natural Tips to Overcome Constipation

  While everyone has their own unique “routine”, constipation may refer to any disruption in the typical rhythm which leads to digestive discomfort. But more accurately, if you pass less than three stools in a week, you have a medical condition known as constipation. Why do we become constipated? How can we avoid it? 1.  Out-of-balance bacteria.  Good bacteria in

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a dream you for 2016

A Dream You for 2016

A new year has begun. What is your new years’ resolution? Is it financial? Starting an investment? Is it on family matters? Reach out to mum and dad, to have a closer and more beautiful relationship with them? Or, does it concern health? As many of us would often promise ourselves, especially as the new year kicks in, aim to lose

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