How can I help you?

  • Always tired and have brain fog
  • Experiencing stomach pain and react to many foods
  • Putting on excess stomach fat even though they are eating well
  • Suffering from anxiety or depression
  • Wanting to manage autoimmune conditions like Hashimoto's or Crohn's disease naturally
  • Diagnosed with ADHD, Autism or learning difficulties
  • Struggling with fertility and want a healthy baby
  • Struggling with Cancer and want to maximise a positive outcome


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Shannon Burford Perth Naturopath
Hi, I'm Shannon Burford,
I'd like to help you get the health you have always dreamed of, naturally.
I've known for a long time that I'm here on earth to help others with their health and wellness. After conquering my own dis-ease challenges I can help others with their health, their wellness and most importantly - educate you to make permanent improvements with alternative medicine!
Health is, without a doubt, the most important thing in your life. As a professional naturopath, it is my duty to share this information with the world so you too can have the opportunity to live a life of greatness! Through combining ancient naturopathic philosophy with modern medical wisdom, thousands of people have achieved wellness which has rippled further through their family, neighbourhoods, communities and the world!

What services does the clinic offer?

Alternative Medicine
The clinic offers a comprehensive range of natural therapies by qualified, experienced practitioners. The clinic has a special interest in evidence-based herbal and nutritional medicine, experienced in treating a great range of conditions and people of all ages.

The clinic uses these tools to assist you with you wellness -
  • Evidence-based Nutrition
  • Herbal medicine
  • Holistic Health Care
  • Food Allergy Testing
  • Heavy metal testing
  • Specialised functional pathology testing
  • Professional diet and lifestyle guidance
  • Hormone saliva testing

How can the Cura Clinic Help You?

The Cura clinic in Perth can confidently treat any health condition, especially difficult to treat cases. If you have exhausted conventional medicine avenues, contact the clinic to discuss our services. Currently the clinic has a special interest in the following areas and has had excellent results with patients to date:
  •     Food allergy testing and treatment
  •     Fertility support and IVF support
  •     All forms of Cancer side effects and support
  •     Anxiety and Depression
  •     Autoimmune conditions such as Hashimoto's or Rheumatoid arthritis
  •     Heavy metal testing
  •     Gastrointestinal diseases such as Crohn's, parasite infections or IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
  •     Chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia, exhaustion or excessive tiredness
  •     Genetic nutritional testing - nutritional epigenetic profiles

Better Health and Wellness with Naturopathy

The Cura clinic is a multi-modality clinic in Australia offering a range of specialist healthcare consultations to wellness care to the public, particularly naturopath treatment. This means you and your family can gain better energy, have a healthy weight and overcome disease fast, naturally!

The word "Cura" is latin and means "to manage", "cure" or "to care for". It seems appropriate for a natural health clinic because our intention is to care for you. At the Cura clinic you will only get the utmost professional natural health service and we will listen carefully to your needs.

Fertility & IVF naturopath Support

Fertility Naturopath
Recent statistics indicate that one is six couples would benefit from IVF & fertility naturopathy. This term healthy baby with naturopath care describes supporting detoxification channels, optimising hormone function with herbal medicine and increasing adequate nutritional stores in preparation for pregnancy. Infertility is usually diagnosed when a couple have been trying unsuccessfully to conceive for six to twelve months without consideration for diet, lifestyle and previous history.

The Cura clinic offers professional support for both single and couple treatment for fertility support. Whether you are considering pregnancy in the future or are currently considering IVF, a consultation and naturopathic treatment can optimise your successful outcome - Read more